Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy 12th Victor!

Victor turned 12 on Tuesday. It was a busy day, but we did grill hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner (requested by the birthday boy). It was actually very tasty, nice hot hamburger on a cold day. We then had cake and ice cream (he knew the rutine, he kept waiting for me to get my pictures before we sang or he blew out the candles : ). Then of course it was time for presents. As you can see Ana was just as excited, or more so, to see what Victor got. The big items, scout uniform and air soft gun. Although we have already played numerous games of Sorry in the past three days! Happy Birthday Buddy!


The Ukraine kids love to do puzzles, not for enjoyment, but as a competition as to who can get certain parts of it done first. But everyone has gotten into it lately and this was the latest. Some sail boats.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ski Day

Saturday I took Victor, Morgan and Ethan up the canyon for some ski lessons. I couldn't even begin to wrap my mind around teaching three kids to ski, so in October we signed three of them up for all day lessons (a good preseason package). It was a cold day, but with no wind, not even a breeze was blowing, it was a great ski day. The kids loved it and did great. Here they are with their instructor.

Here they are getting on the lift again for one last run of the day, pretty much so I can take a few photos of them.

Green is Ethan and black is Victor, Morgan is super cautious and slow thus not in the picture. She skiied a couple times two years ago and was so fast and crazy, I was worried she would be an out of control skiier... guess I was wrong.

Heres Morgan...

As we headed out of the canyon it got really quiet, I thought maybe it was my 80's music choice, but no they were just exhausted.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010!

We had our friends, the Tufts, over for New Years. Lucky for me she took lots of pictures, I never even got my camera out. We ordered a four foot sandwich and had lots and lots of treats. The kids played Rock Band (which the Tufts got for Christmas) and some new Wii games. The Adults had a round of Settlers... it was a slow game this time. Then of course we made a lot of noise and had dessert at midnight. Fun fun fun. Happy 2010!