Saturday, June 23, 2012

Time flies.. Two weeks ago..

This is backwards... Last Friday we moved into our new home! It was a long day, but very exciting! Morgan had her cooking class and made this beautiful cheese cake we ate for fathers day last Sunday. The crust was made from kit kat bars. Very yummy. Saturday after lots of unpacking we swam at grandmas and BBQed.

Unpacking the kitchen. Thanks to great friends who helped me move most of the kitchen on Wednesday it wasnt too bad.

Monday Ana had her cooking class and she made delicious. Bubble gum cup cakes and super yummy sausage rolls. Monday we also ate at the park and listened to Kat sing. Great as always.

Tuesday was our final inspection so we could move in and we needed our deck rail in, they made it just in time and isn't it gorgeous!?!? They did a wonderful job.

6:30am that Monday I was taking kids to PE and hit grants car backing out!! Left a beautiful dent, sigh.

Two Sundays ago we were so excited to hang out at the house that we made mini pizzas, no bake cookies & carrots and are in the green house. Very fun.

My primary class trying to blow bubbles w bubble gum... Yes I gave in and brought my first treat to class that week... Cute kids!

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

May June iPhone pics

Saw amy posts from this so I'm going to give it a try. These are pictures of baby Derek when our friends from Colorado visited us

the last week of may!

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may diane stayed

So I don't know where April and May disappeared to.  I haven't blogged since spring break!  I couldn't believe how far behind I was.  I didn't even upload pictures for a month, so not like me.  But we survived the crazy last week of school and lived to tell about it.  I have a few more pics to upload but here is the latest with the kellers...  yes like the next six or seven posts!
As of this week.  Troy got a day of fishing in and has pretty much moved the garage into the new house (we move the 15th of May, still waiting on some carpet).  I thought I was done making decisions with the house but lots of things have popped up these past two weeks so I've been busy sorting out house stuff and scheduling all the appointments to get everything hooked up.  I took Grant to the airport on Wednesday and said good-bye, he is on a three week trip of Europe with the High School!  What an awesome adventure.  Tanya is participating in a Basket Ball fundraiser (if anyone wants to donate, feel free) and has already shot over 2,000 baskets this summer.  Victor and Morgan are taking a summer PE class.  Its M-F from 7AM - 11am for the month of June.  Yep, I'm the lucky one to get them up, actually Morgan has gotten up on her own every morning!  They think they are getting out of morning jobs and reading, I just haven't told them that I haven't made up a summer schedule yet!  This way they also get another period to take a class they want to next year.  Victor wants to take a cooking class, but couldn't with his ESL class and Morgan wants to take Drama, but couldn't give up spanish or orchestra... so summer PE it is.  Ana is taking singing through the summer and just playing with friends.  Ethan took a golf class last week and loved it, this week he is taking an archery class at the park and Ana is taking a craft class.  And next week we move!  It may be a bit before I post again, hopefully not, but one never knows.

 Our friends from Colorado were out of school the last week in May and so they came out and stayed with us.  Well they came out for a mission homecoming and to see family, but we got to play hotel with them.  So much fun to see them.  Morgan and Natalie were in Joy school together when they were three now look at them! Super cute tweens.

We got lots more baby time in with their six month old, isn't he a cute chubba.  Diane is the cake master and helped me make a super yummy strawberry cake for my mom and Kathryn's Sunday dinner/bday.  So yummy.  She was my miracle.  I was starting to get so stressed about school getting out and moving and with them here I was so distracted and just got to cook and visit and play with the baby!  It was what I needed.  Come back next year!

 more nash.

may baby nash

 May 10th? my sister had her baby boy.  I went up the next day to visit them, isn't he so beautiful.  Little swollen and jaundiced, but just darling.

 Grant bought me flowers for mothers day.  My sister played at the MS benifit in bountiful.  Grant and Morgan came and helped sell CDS.  She's playing at Bountiful Park Monday June 11th if anyone wants to come hear her. 

 Grant and Grandpa with baby Nash.  We went to lunch for my mom and Kathryns bday (they have the same bdays) my dad came to hold the baby.  There hasnt' been a new baby for 6 years and everyone is just crazy these days.  Can't get enough baby.  In fact Ana, Ethan and I are going out the end of June to see my brothers new little boy Aiden.  So exciting.  He was born the week before Tricia had Nash.  We don't have pictures of him because he lives in PA...

Cute Ana was a good sport and did marvelous with a day of Neuro testing.  We got to go up and have lunch with Troy at work during her hour break.  She called it our first mommy daughter date!  That was so cute and yet sort of sad that our mommy daughter date was a day of testing.  We are going to have to plan more... although we did get nails done the week before (I guess friends came with us).