Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016 Happenings

 YW activity, Ana's 15th b-day,  some rain, fishing, canning peanut butter, family night out and dinner at Tommy Bahamahs, looking for creatures and found a snake, more rain - leaking and flooding, Morgan performed at the School talent show and Grant serving in France :)

Monday, April 25, 2016

letter from grant April 25, 2016

Sent: Monday, April 25, 2016 9:43 AM
Subject: Week in the boonies.

We had a super fun week this week, we started off pretty normal
running errands and doing missionary work but Wednesday we went on
exchange with the zone leaders! ELder bleak and Soro. I went with
Elder Soro up to Bordeux to do missionary work and on the train ride
up to Bordeux we sat next to this couple speaking Spanish to each
other. Well, Elder Soro is actually a Spanish missionary so he jumped
right in and started talking to them! The guy and I started talking
and I found out he was French and on his way up to Paris. They were a
really cool couple! She was from South America and they were going to
get married pretty soon. Well, like normal, while on the train we got
controlled. Meaning police officers check everyone to make sure you
aren't illegal. Well, turns out the South American lady hadnt renewed
her visa for this month because they are going to get married pretty
soon. Unfortunately, after many having been said the controllers
kicked her off the train...and her fiancé didn't even care to get off
with her!!! She spoke like three words in French and he left her
there! Well, we all took our seats, the one next to elder Soro being
empty, and Elder Soro asked if I was hungry. I said I was a little
hungry since it was almost lunch time and the French guy looked at us
both and said "well, I guess I won't need these" and straight up GAVE
us her sandwhichs! Hahaha, Elder Soro and I laughed soooooo hard! It
was a good sandwhich on plus!

While on exchange with Elder Soro we went out to the middle of no
where to eat at a members house and to visit some less actives and a
member who is currently in a hospital which is located in the French
wilderness. It took an hour to buss all the way out there. We walked
up to the hospital gate and walked in onto the property overlooking
the grass and parking lot. A group of people smoking outside all
walked into the building the same time that we walked onto the
property. When we walked into the hospital itself we were greeted by a
small yet fiery lady who looked at our name tags and said " this is a
professional business and we are going to need you to leave" we
stepped outside and explained we had an appointment with a friend who
was here. She went in to confirm and a second lady came out and
started questioning us. The First Lady came back out with our member
friend and apologized for having judged us as Jehovas whittnesses.
Hahaha, we had a great few moments with our member, he just went
through a car accident and is suffering from memory loss. It's cool to
teach him because he keeps going "ooooh YEAH I remember!".

To finish our exchange we went down to Mont de Marsan (where there is
another two elders in our district) and we had a District finding day
with the whole district! It was way cool! We found two families and
four other investigators for the Elders in The Mont. Which is good
because Mont de Marsan is TINY! Like, you have to take at train and
then a bus to get to it because no big trains seem to ever come

Pierre, doing really well, wants to serve a mission after he gets
baptized, still waiting on his mother to come up so that he can hop in
the tub.

Robertine, doing well, missed church but hanging on. Bumped into her
while in ville.

Christian is going to get baptized this week!!!! So fingers crossed
all goes well. He will have his interview Thursday with one of the
zone leaders.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

Monday, April 18, 2016

letter from Grant April 18, 2016

Tahitians in France

Well, I had always heard that Tahitians were the most happy incredible
people ever but never really got to experience or really meet any.
Well, not in big groups anyways. This week we promised our ami Mildred
that we would teach her how to make American Cheese cake(abneys thing)
so she just HAD to invite like five other people and make food for
everyone :) we weren't complaining. It is always so much fun teaching
Later this week she invited us to go play volleyball with her and more
Tahitian friends. It was at some gym we had never been to but we went
anyways. Turns out her and all of her other friends were preparing for
a "spectacle" or a performance that they will have next month. So we
played basketball and talked with some of the youth Tahitians there
while watching everyone dance and sew costumes. It was "fun". Didn't
really teach anyone but we met some new people, talked bout jesus,
even shot some hoops.

Moe and Jessica, haven't really had a lesson with them since last week
but we save them at Mildred's cheese cake night and when we played
basketball. Moe is really cool  and open, I am not sure how interested
they are to practice. We really aught to have a solid lesson where we
find out where they are spiritually.

Our investigator Pierre wanted to get out of the house and asked us to
go on a bike ride, so we rented some city bikes and visited some cool
parks and talked about his institute lessons. Still just waiting on
his mom to come so he can get baptized.

We had a sweet moment this week. Well, sweet for us at least. We have
an investigator named Robertine and in a series of unfortunate events
she lost her job, went to Paris, only to get another job back in Pau
but now has to find a new house...Fortunately her new house, that she
just found, will be Much closer to the church meaning we can see
her(because she will no longer live fourty minuets away) and coming to
church will happen more often. She has a baptismal date for the twenty
eight of May :) She is really cool!

Yeah, we had district meeting, we played this sweet game where "Satan"
and the "missionaries" had to baguette battle to the death. It all had
to do with going to church, emphasized missionary work, and it was
really fun :)

Well, there it is, Pau might be a whole lot better than Texas but we
will just have to see.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Grant's letter- April 11, 2016

Sent: Monday, April 11, 2016 8:20 AM
Subject: Pau 2 :)

And voila,
So I got to see more of our investigators this week! And even find
some new ones too.

Christian, still going go, we moved his date back to the thirtieth
since the chapel is under construction and the font is blocked, and
two he still has a lot more to learn before we can dip him. He is
really a sweet guy though! He came to church and sat by a bunch of
kids and played with them all sacrament. He participated in gospel
principals class, and we chatted during priesthood session(no, we
didn't bother the lesson mom, all the old guys were arguing over
sticks and stones). We are super happy with the progress Christian is

We saw a Tahitian investigator named Mildred, Mildred is the coolest!
She invited us over and we got to hang out with two other potential
investigators named Moe and J(they are a couple). We ate curry and got
to listen to all the Tahitians. Tahitians make the sun shine holy
guacamole they are so happy! Haha, Moe and J want to play sports with
us(volleyball?) this Saturday and Mildred wants us to teach her how to
make a bomb cheese cake(my comp can sing really well and make
incredible food(and I am going to have the stomach to prove it)) We
didn't really get to teach anything but we made contact with all three
of them and may have gotten another potential from one of their other
friends who was there.

We went on exchange this week(photo 2) after zone conference and I
went with Elder Bleak, my old district leader when I was in the
office. He is Chinese speaking and the best missionary ever! During
zone conference we talked about the speaking French
24/7 and we talked more about our mission goal of having each team of
missionaries in the entire mission baptize once this transfer! It's a
pretty lofty goal but I would be supper happy to see it happen!

Pierre, doing really good, we had a lesson and answered the rest of
his questions. Elder Abney invited him to be baptized and he wasn't
super sure if he wanted to. Read a scripture on not delaying getting
baptized and the member that we had with us talked some sense into
Pierre and now Pierre is just waiting to know which day his mom is
coming home from vacation! So that could be really cool, he has been
meeting with the missionaries for three years so, he is a little over
due, kids read through a couple institute manuals! Haha, knows his

Found a potential less active? Doesn't much speak French if you know
what I'm saying.

Anywho, first photo is our zone using Skype together "woo more like
tech-no-la-G" it took like an hour to set it all up.

The second photo is of me and elder Bleak on exchange eating the
BIGGEST MACAROONS Y'ALL HAVE EVER SEEN! I literally have never in my
year and a half of living in this French country seen Macaroons that
big! They were sSOOo good! Normally macaroons are a little bit bigger
than a quarter but not theses whoppers!

Avec Amor
Elder Keller

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Letter from Grant - April 4, 2016

Sent: Monday, April 4, 2016 11:47 AM
Subject: Pau :)

Pau is the cutest little ville in the south of France! Honestly it is
incredible! The work is already taking off too! We have about seven
people we see once to twice a week and we have three people with
baptismal dates. One of which is for this Saturday! Pau also is pretty
big for one team of missionaries. They used to have two teams but it's
been a while since then. It is a ward of about eighty people(which is
SWEET for France) and a good portion of the families here love
missionary work. In fact, all of our investigators were either given
to us by Ward members or are currently dating Ward members! AHH, it's

So wonderful I don't even know where to start...

I'll start with Elder Abney, he is from Arizona, loves musical
theatre! In fact, he made it into NYU for musical theatre. In his own
words "not even celebrities get into NYU". He is honestly one of the
funniest people ever! Genuine, kind, and trying to learn French :)
this is his third transfer so I find myself doing much of the talking.
Speaking of talking, our zone leaders have challenged our entire zone
to Only speak in French 24/7. It's amazing. Abney is learning faster
and I am getting some well needed catching up.

Our investigators,

Christian, getting baptized this Saturday, black, loves the church,
has accepted everything we've taught, great guy. Hard to understand
sometimes through is French accent and sometimes he uses African words
I have never heard of.

Pierre, Young student at the university here in Pau(it's a pretty big
university! We live right next to the campus too) he is taking the
institute classes with a member who teaches a whopping three young
adults(we have more but the rest can't make it) and he told us last we
he has received revelation on EVERYTHING he has ever been taught
except for the three kingdoms. Super sweet guy though!

Robertine, showed up at church, wants to be baptized. Cool lady,
didn't make it to general conference but she is fun to work with.

There are some really great families that we are working with. One of
which the wife is one hundred percent Moroccan, Arabic speaker. She is
super cool, she got converted when she was younger and even went on a
mission. I think she is the first Mormon Arabic person I have ever
met. Supper cool. She has great stories of being a missionary (she
tended to take her plaque off and get in fights with other Arabic

This one family wants us to go up to their outer city and teach all of
their friends! (Not gunna say no!)

Oh, we went to Lourdes today for Pday. Here are some photos. There was like a celebration for
handicap people or something.

we ate at a cute little cafe.

Biggest  cathedral ever. It's built right on top of the place where the little girl saw marry. This cathedral has like four stories where they were all holding mass. We went and saw the little girls preserved remains. Why Catholics keep dead people body parts I have no idea. (Sorry mom I don't know what my hairwas doing)

Elder Keller :)st apostasy cathedral ever. It's built right on top of the place where the
little girl saw marry. This cathedral has like four stories where they were all
holding mass. We went and saw the little girls preserved remains. Why Catholics
keep dead people body parts I have no idea. (Sorry mom I don't know what my hair
was doing)
Elder Keller :)Biggest apostasy cathedral ever. It's built right on top of the place where the
little girl saw marry. This cathedral has like four stories where they were all
holding mass. We went and saw the little girls preserved remains. Why Catholics
keep dead people body parts I have no idea. (Sorry mom I don't know what my hair
was doing)
Elder Keller :)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

trip to India, yes again

 Love these awesome traveling companions! And Sabby for driving us everywhere.  So grateful for a wonderful host, friend, tour guide, volunteer, mother, therapist (group session :), to share her amazing life with us.  Loved that we had more time this trip and tried new foods and places to eat.  We did a slum tour, which they call the 5 start slum because there are businesses in the slum.  It was nicer than other parts of India we have seen, so not too sure I'd call it a slum, but still very tough living conditions.  We helped Heather teach the blind boys swimming lessons, we got to hang out with the migrant kids at the school, we did an awful lot of shopping this time around, hahaha.  Used the post office to mail some postcards.  Good company, fun times, new perspective having Rachel along with us ; ), came home a smidge sick - all part of the India experience (Only Darcy with appreciate that).  Until next year, right?