Thursday, October 4, 2012


 My camera died this summer, thus all the iphone pictures from the summer.  In September I got a new camera and thus there are a lot of random pictures in this post but I want to put some of them in our book so here they ALL are!

 We went to Boise to watch Grant run in the Bob Furman invitational.  Grandma and Grandpa were such sports and came out to watch Grant run by them on his two laps around the course.  We stayed with Klint and Betsy so there are lots of pictures of hanging out at there home.  Thanks tons for hosting us!

 more cross country

 Here are pictures from Chelseys wedding, her reception was at the park by our house.  We helped with cup cakes and decorations.  Fun times.

 Grants homecoming group, 18 great kids, decorated cookies at our house on Saturday as part of their homecoming activities.

 Grant had the camera on MANUAL focus and I thought it was on AUTO soooo this good looking picture is blurry.  Great looking group of guys!