Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Troy here.
Riverbabble (a very kind-hearted literary website) agreed to post a story I wrote a while back. Below is the link. If you have five minutes to kill--I promise it is short--you'll find mine in the fiction section.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tuesday in California

Tuesday we lounged around a bit in the morning and were going to the Huntington Gardens, but they are closed on Tuesdays. So we went to a park instead.

That afternoon we went to the Ghetty. The grounds and views were beautiful.

loved the barbwire trees

this was a humming bird Morgan caught a picture of

LA in the background

California - Monday June 21, 2010

Sunday, Morgan, Grant and I flew out to LA so that Grant and his friend Davis could go to EFY in Santa Barbara together. We arrived safely and Jen and Chris treated us to their very yummy fathers day dinner that they prepared with creme brulee for desert. The kids were all excited to see each other and a didn't go to bed until around 11. They got up at 6 am to play and around 9 we headed off to Santa Barbara.

Here we were parking to drop the boys off. I didn't take my camera, but Grant had one and we took a bunch of pictures that I'll have to add later of the campus and kids. We stood in lines for about an hour to get them all checked in and into their room. Then we went to grab a sandwich for lunch and got the boys SCSB hoodies.
It being a beautiful day we stopped at the Santa Barbara Zoo with Morgan and Nathaniel. There are tons of zoo pictures and mom a heads up one snake and a few lizards. Morgan had the camera, which was fun, but we have a lot of pictures (most of which didn't get posted).

hissing cockroaches

rattle snake

something that needs it's glass cleaned. It may have been the Komodo Dragon or something like that.

Two or four parrots, depending on who you think squawks the most. These two are talkers, but we already knew that.

Blue Lizard and Iguana

Love the flamingos

Morgan must have loved the tortoises, we had lots of pictures of them... maybe it's just that their so photogenic at their slow pace.

The little monkeys got away from us

These Gibbons were fun to watch

Morgan and the pretty bird that kept ducking his head

the kids liked this bird because of the red mark on his breast

in the bird habitat

The snow leopard

Proof that I was there

Penguins, Morgan loved these guys

There are big wire dragon flies behind Nathaniel, I took this for Ana and Ethan who love to catch dragon flies.

the view

Giraffes and LOOK! Morgan caught one!

Just relaxing with the Gorilla

In the kids play area there was this hill with artificial turf on it and the kids were sliding down it on cardboard. Very fun.

To end the night we went home and after dinner the kids made chocolate chip cookie/brownies, very good!