Saturday, May 30, 2015

Carlin's trip to Savannah

Monday, took off with a friend, Stacey, to Savannah Georgia for the week.  Troy had been out of town for the past few weeks and thought I should get-a-way before summer happened upon us.  I had always wanted to see Savannah, I'm not really sure as to why Savannah, but I have never been to the Southern States and it's just one of those places down south I thought that I would like to wander around.  First stop, food, we were starving after starting our flight at 6am!  We ate some yummy pot pies and quiche at the Pie Society, very British shop.

 We wandered around the river walk way, browsed some shops and had a praline sample.  Then we took a ride in a hearse, it was a haunted tour of Savannah.  Not as many ghost stories as I thought their might be, oh well our driver was quite the character and Stacey screamed really loud at a quick stop as she slid off her seat.  Which in turn led to the ladies behind me to scream.  Too funny, may have been the highlight.

Tuesday, May 26
We headed out on foot to explore the square mile of ground that seems to make up Historic Savannah.  We walked through a lot of parks, one of which was this cool cemetery.

 We walked through some shops, enjoyed seeing the different styles of homes built, walked through this cathedral with beautiful stain glass windows, loved the different styled fountains in every park (every three blocks there is a park any direction you wander in) and then we toured a couple of the homes.  One was the Thomas Low home, his wife started the girl scouts in the United States, so we had to stop in and buy some yummy girl scout cookies.

 This picture is of the hotel we stayed at and the road to the river walk.  Along which was the restaurant in which we had a lot of shrimp, well I had a lot of shrimp.  Mmmm.

Wednesday, May 27

We toured another house, the only one we were able to take photographs of.  The fountain is the Parisian fountain at Forsyth Park.  

Thursday, May 28
We took the car out and about.  We drove out to this popular destination to photograph the spanish moss growing on the trees.  I always thought the spanish moss grew in the swamp lands, but no it grows on lots of trees all around Savannah.

 Loved the archway.  Then we headed for Tybee Beach.  It was feeling pretty hot, by the time we got there, but it was pretty cool walking along in the waves.  We saw many interesting things washed up on the beach.  A few, I'm guessing dead, jelly fish, a couple horse shoe crabs and this little crab in the very cool shell.  After wandering along the beach we headed up and ate lunch at, don't tell anyone, Subway...  then wandered the shops and headed back toward the mainland to stop and see the light house.

 ... trying to catch a picture of the little minnows swimming around for ethan...

 We had dinner at Leopolds.  We ate our sandwiches for dessert : )  Very yummy ice cream.  Funny thing, the night before we walked down this way to see what was playing at the theater and there was a line down the side walk and we decide it wasn't worth waiting in line to see an old movie we had already seen.  Well, when we got to Leopolds for ice cream/dinner we found out that the line was for the restaurant not the theater.

Friday, May 29
We had signed up for a Southern Low Country cooking class, so we took the car out again.  On our way I wanted to stop at this cemetery.  It's a mile and a half long!  I saw an angel on a brochure that was supposed to be at this cemetery that reminded me of the Weeping Angels on Dr Who.  So I wanted to get a picture to send to Morgan.  We just didn't have enough time to even get through half the cemetery in our car before class, so I never saw the one I was looking for, but what an amazing cemetery.  Loved all the fenced plots for families to be buried together.  

I don't have any pictures but our class was great and all the food was super yummy.  First time that I ever had fried green tomatoes, grits and this yummy shrimp sauce they eat over the grits and delicious biscuits.  Would definately do that class again.

After our cooking class/lunch we headed out to the outlets to do a little shopping and also ended up watching a movie.  

Then Saturday we headed home.