Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Ethan!

My baby is 9 today! Ethan is my snuggler and sweetheart and I just can't believe he is growing up. He has been the peacemaker often during our adoption and likes to play with anyone of the kids (until he gets hurt), he even performs in the plays and musicals that Morgan writes and directs. He's tried soccer and baseball but never cared much for sports, other than running and riding his bike. So I didn't think much would come of basket ball this year, but he has loved it and wants to go to basket ball camp this summer. I'm so glad because I was afraid we'd have to try football next year, maybe we can just stick with basket ball. All he has wanted for his birthday this year is an I pod. With Troy being out of town last week and this week we didn't have much of a birthday party and we let him open his I pod before Troy left Sunday morning. We then had cake at Grandmas Sunday night. So today we had his nine year old check up and he and I went out for donuts. I forgot how much I enjoy just hanging out with my boy. He's just so happy, easy going and appreciative of everything (except cooked veggies). Happy Birthday Buddha Belly, Love you tons! Morgan made this blanket for him, Victor made the red braclet things he's wearing.

Monday, March 28, 2011

week in review

Ethan's last Jr. Jazz basket ball games. Two weeks ago he played against his good buddy Ethan.

The team with their treats after the last game. They had a great season!
Ethan also got his Wolf award last week, just in time for him to turn 9 and move on to Bears!
Grant had his basket ball dinner last night and recieved a really nice award from his coaches and coach Soter talked about how well Grant improved this year. Grant really wanted to do better as a defender and by working at it he definately did improve. Great year Grant! All Grant wanted for his birthday was a long board... and it finally came.

In Young Women last week the girls learned to do up-dos and here is Tanya's results. She was going to sleep sitting up so that she could wear it to school the next day, but we found a hair net and it stayed ok. She was up 30 minutes earlier than usual, 6 am, working on it and re curling it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Grant's Birthday!

Grant wanted a long board this year - I took a picture just haven't uploaded it yet. So family birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa's house! We got a chocolate cake with mint ice cream, yummy. Here we are singing, yep as scary as it looks : ) My baby is 15 and growing up. He has one page left to write of his Eagle project and we can go get his learners permit, but I think he no longer cares! One day, I guess I'm more excited for him to learn to drive than he is.

Tanya had to cook crepes for her CTE class at school, so here is her mixing and cooking them. We filled them with bananas, nutella then rolled them and sprinkled powder sugar on top - a really healthy dinner!

Last week Victor had his band concert.

Percy had bladder stones removed - 25 total. Poor dog has probably been in a lot of pain

And Morgan had her orchestra concert.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blankets delivered to Ukraine

Grants blankets (made for his Eagle project) arrived in Ukraine in January. Anya sent us pictures of one of the classes at an orphanage in Kremenchuk that recieved the blankets! Cute kids - beds before and after : )

And she was able to deliver Christmas presents to Marina and Ivan (Anya was sick), these were the kids we hosted 2 1/2 years ago! Can't believe I haven't seen them for so long, I think of them often. Anya has been allowed back to our orphanage a few times now, but this was the first time she was able to see "our kids". We wrote a letter and she wasn't allowed to deliver it to the kids, but she said they were happy and surprised that we remembered them! About broke my heart. Ivan at least still seems to have that twinkle in his eyes and Marina won't smile because of her teeth - oh she needs braces so badly - but beautiful as ever, even with her sad eyes.