Sunday, December 18, 2011

Morgan's bag

Morgan finished sewing one of Aunt Tiffany's bag patterns!  It turned out sooo cute. Thanks for designing such a cute bag Tiff : )

trains and christmas parties

 A couple Sundays ago we went to my moms to decorate cookie trains.  A tradition I have always done and enjoyed but felt a little overwhelmed with this year.  So my wondermom just went ahead and put it all together.  So nice and we loved delivering the trains.  It's good for the kids to think of a family they want to take them to.  And this year we had Angela (exchange student from Chile) come make them with us.  She was darling and so creative with her train. 

 Last week we had the elementary Christmas concert - very fun and we have always been impressed with the songs and the program.  (This year we were a little suprised that the 4th grades didn't know either of the songs they sang, but the 5th grade did a wonderful job).

 At the work party this past week, Morgan and Ana were the only two who braved telling Santa what they wanted for Chirstmas.  The motivation was a large candy cane.  They boys all said they were too old to sit with Santa.  Tanya came with but saw the food table and never made it all the way to Santa.  Which is fine, it was much healthier than the giant candy cane!