Saturday, March 31, 2012


 Grant looking handsome in his tux, but feeling like a butler...
Ana taking a picture of Grant and his mom before prom... she really has grown!
 Grant gave Laura her corsage...  thank heavens no pins!

 posing for pictures...  what a cute couple.  Such good, darling kids, love them.

Sounds like they had a great time last night.  Grant drove and they ate dinner at the Dodo in SLC.  The dance was at the capital, yes I did think about driving in and sneaking a picture of them dancing, but I didn't.  I figured the dance would go till 11, but it ended at 10 so Grant was home at a decent hour, wow.  I was ready for a late night on the couch.

More of last week

 Victor after pinning his wrestling opponent.  Hasn't lost a match yet.  Last Friday Ethan had his pine wood derby contest.  His cool all red car came in 4th.

 The cool wrestling uniform...

One of our favorite Argentine visitors came back for another visit!  Debi spent the week end and part of this week with us.  We just love having her happy spirit come and visit.  She shared Ana's room, I think without a pillow! So sorry if that was the case Debi, we have tons down stairs.  Next time...  The kids taught her to play killer bunnies,

 Brotherly love,
 Learning to make Lemon merange pie with Debi,
 Morgan taught Ana and Savannah some swing dance moves,

 Debi went to a friends with me and we made some super yummy Italian lasagna and then Debi made her yummy pies... good dinner.

Troy took Grant, Morgan and Debi at 5:30 am to do baptisms at the temple Tuesday - Victor and Tanya had expired recommends...  next time.

last couple weeks of March

 March 16th we visited our dear friends and their new Ukraine children (didn't get a pic).  So happy to see them home and to see their sweet children.  They thought the youngest had a lot of health problems and all of his tests have come back negative and it looks like he is healthy! 
Afterward we had lunch with other friends that were out of school that day.  The charter school kids didn't have school that Friday, it was the end of the term.  The girls hiked all around the hill side and the boys played at the park.  It was nice to hang out with all of them.

 The next night Troy and I went with friends to dinner and the Jazz game.  Pres. Monson came to the Huntsman box to watch the game and we were able to meet him.  Very nice.  During a time out the bear stole our friends boot and passed it around to all the refs. then it got thrown across the basket ball court... she did finally get it back.

 Morgan needed to make something she has never made/cooked before for her CTE class.  She choose this super yummy cheese cake that we topped with raspberries and chocolate shavings.  Yummy.

 Grant was asked, last Tuesday, to the Herriman High Prom.  He had to unravel this ball of yarn for the message.  It was our friend Laura, whom we lived by on and off since her and Grants births in NYC.  Very exciting, it will be Grants first date since he turned 16.

 Super cute Morgsy got her braces on last wednesday!  2nd round and hopefully her smile will be so adorable she'll never have to wear them ever again!  She has super cute purple and green bands on.

 Grant's first track meet at home.  I was able to drop by after Morgan got her braces on and watch him run the 800 meter race. 

 Grant returned Laura's yarn to her by wrapping up a fish!  Yes, I'm sure all mothers are hoping that is how their daughters receive answers to dances.  We laminated a Sure, I'd love to go and put it on the bottom of the bowl.  Lucky fish, oh I mean, Laura!

 Ana and Ethan had a class on the weather and had to make their own forecasts for our lovely state of Utah!  Actually Ana remembered a lot of the terminology for the test when we studied, I wonder how much this helped her out...Way to go Ana Banana.
 Carpool friends gave Ethan two of his favorite treats for his birthday. MMMMM

Ethan loving some clothes he got from his cool cousin Austin!  Morgan and Ashley Kate made some super yummy oatmeal cookies Thursday night.  Love these cookie making girls.