Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trip to an orphanage in Nicaragua anyone?

My friends parents work at an orphanage in Nicaragua every few months. It's their retirement plan. They sent out a letter to see if others would be interested in going on a trip to Nicaragua in January to work in the orphanage for a few days and then spend a few days touring the country. I'm having scanning issues so I thought I'd just retype the letter and if anyone is interested they can call the numbers in the letter or email me. Or even post this on their blogs. I would love to see them get enough people to make the trip happen!

It's really amazing how much they have already built and have provided for the children at this orphanage. Orphanages in Nicaragua are run by churches and private funds, they don't receive any government funding.

Worldwide Child Relief Foundation - WCRF

"Helping Children to Help Themselves"

Survey of Interest

We would like to invite you on a wonderful ten day tour that will greatly benefit the children of the "Venga Tu Reino" orphanage near Leon, Nicaragua. We think it is important for people to experience the joy of helping these children in order to gain support for the aid that we are attempting to provide to the children of Nicaragua. The ten day tour of the beautiful country of Nicaragua will include:

*3 days in Leon where we will visit the orphanage near the small town of Malpaisillo. We will deliver supplies and participate in activities with the children on all three days

*2 days and nights in San Juan del Sur. It's a quaint fishing village on the southern coast of Nicaragua known for its beautiful beach, stunning sunsets and restaurants that enjoy a great view of the shoreline.

*3 days in Granada. Granada is a picturesque European colonial-style town that is one of the oldest on the American continent. Trip inclusions from Granada can include: Mombacho Volcano National Park with zip lining, a boat tour of the islets of Lake Nicaragua, Laguna de Apoyo and great shopping in the town of Misaya.

*We will finish our trip with 2 days at the all inclusive world class Barcelo resort on the beach of Montelimar.

Our upcoming trip is tentatively planned for early January, 2011, based on a min. of 12 or more people committing to make the trip. The weather is normally dry and in the mid 80's during that time of the year. the cost is $1950.00 per person (double occupancy). We will travel in 12 passenger travel vans. Our accommodations will include breakfast and dinner daily, and comfortable and clean lodging. The cost of the trip includes all of the activities listed above, airfare, all ground transportation and excursions. All participants are asked to bring one personal suitcase and one extra suitcase of duffel bag with supplies that will be given to the orphanage. Assignments for what supplies to bring will be given out before the trip.

Angela McMillan, Sonia Weaver (both bilingual), my native Nicaraguan assistant/driver, Alejandro Rocha and I will be your guides for the entire trip.

Approx. one third of the cost of your trip will be tax deductible, because part of the trip cost will be considered a donation to the WCRF. Some of the funds included in the cost of the trip will be used for various programs at the orphanage. Please refer to our website at for more details about our work. The WCRF (worldwide child relief foundation) is an IRS qualified 501(c) non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible.

If you're interested in joining us, please contact me at 530-903-5153 or Angela McMillan at 801-296-0221 for more information. We'd love to have you join us on this charitable and fun trip. Your generous participation and help is appreciated by the WCRF and the children of Nicaragua.


Hal Young

Saturday hike

Victor had a football game today and Morgan and Tanya went with Troy to watch him play. I've had this yucky cold all week and stayed home to rest. Then I got a little restless and so the rest of us went on a little hike in the mountains above our house. Leaves are changing and it was a beautiful day with beautiful views of the valley.

week in review

Ana loves candy... and it shows! This is not an unusual look for her to come home from school with : )

Last week I made tomato soup and chili sauce from all th tomatoes that had come from our garden and from my moms garden and my neighbors garden. This past week my sister brought me a whole box of tomatoes, so we made another batch of tomato soup and chili sauce! I don't know what I'll do if all my green tomatoes turn red in the next couple weeks, I'm done cleaning up tomato splatter.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ana's Song

Ana came home from school today all excited to show me a song she made up and her friend helped her write it out. It's called Star

by Ana Keller

Win I look at the window
I see a star
I look at the window
I see and see and see the star


Last week Victor had his first real football game. He's really liked the practices, but I'm not so sure about the games. He follows the ball, but doesn't want to touch anyone. We'll cure him of that by the end of the season, right?

Ethan and Ana were running at and jumping on these pads trying to tip them even a little bit, nada - couldn't even budge them.

Then we went home to set up for the neighborhood/ward picnic. I made homemade rootbeer and the kids loved it. We had a bit of dry ice left over so we made some more at home. Very exciting.

September 4

Ana saved her dollars to buy some fake nails, oh yeah baby. She wore them all week end and then pulled them all off an hour into school on Monday. We had to crimp her hair that morning, I didn't realize that was part of the wearing fake nails to school look!
Our cousin Grayce was baptized and all the kids sang at her baptism the song, I like to look for rainbows. Everyone did a wonderful job, they sounded beautiful.

We then went home to prepare for the BYU game. We had the Tuft's, Odie and his sister's family over to watch the game. Claudia's little/big three month old Alexa was the hit. What a sweet heart. Morgan was attatched. Ana came over at one point and just wrinkled up her nose, like what is the big deal with that slobbery pink thing : ) We laughted pretty hard, definately the jealous one!

Tanya boating with the YW

Friday, September 3, 2010

Last week of August

We had Georgia and Aunt Marcie stop by to take Aly down to BYU! The oldest Keller cousin is off to college. It was fun to see them and all the fun things Aly was decorating her dorm room with. I even got to have Geogia stay and play one of the days. We made some cookies and then went and got Ana out of school early so they could spend some time together. Ana loves playing with Georgia and they get along really well.

Then Happy Birthday to me! Terrible picture, but the only one with my eyes open. Can you tell how hard I was trying, I hate flashes, I ALWAYS blink. The kids each got me a magazine, pretty fun. I love magazines, but never buy them. They also picked out some cool soaps from the farmers market. Especially cooking and house magaizines. Troy took Friday off of work and we went up to Park City for the day. Wandered the galleries, ate and did a little shopping. We took our bikes but it rained most of the afternoon and Saturday morning so we didn't ride. Sunday we had cake and ice cream at my parents and Tanya and Victor were wild. It was like they just walked off the plane from Ukraine. Thank goodness they were calm when heading out the door to school the next day.

This is the cute little dove sitting on her two eggs in the backyard. The kids have been watching her waiting for the eggs to hatch for weeks.