Sunday, September 28, 2014

Missionary Talk

 Grant gave a great missionary talk on the commandments today in church.  He heads to the MTC this wednesday for 6 weeks to learn French and to prepare to head out to the France Lyon Mission.  It was a good meeting and we enjoyed visiting with family afterwards.  Morgan and Ryan slaved over the stove and made tons of crepes.  The first batch didn't turn out so Betsy and Lesli jumped in and made lots of smooth, perfect batter.  We are so excited for Grant to share his testimony and the gospel with the people of France.  He is such a great person, so glad that we have been blessed to raise him and have him in our lives.  Love you so much.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Homecoming weekend

 Tanya and her friend in their homecoming dresses.  Tanya and her date Taylor.  Tanya in her beautiful dress.  Tanya and her date in the rain ; )  They had a fun time and she was so excited to have a date that liked to dance.  Since Morgan and her friends are not 16 they had a just dance party because they weren't going to homecoming.  They seemed to have a good time too.  We did make them end it early so we could go to womens conference with our cousins that had come down from Idaho.  Fun, but busy weekend.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Last weekend

 We'll I guess two weekends ago Tanya was asked to Homecoming dance, very exciting.

Grant's friends stopped by to hang out. One of the last times before he and his two buddies in the middle leave for missions in October.

Playing frisbee with Victor.  We've had some attachment issues with Victor that have led to some other problems so he has spent the past three months at a wilderness therapy camp.  We were really hoping he would be ready to come home at the end (thus we haven't said much about him being gone), but he doesn't want/isn't ready to come home yet.  So we transfered him to a therapy program in SLC where he can also attend school.  So he doesn't get further behind than he is.  It's a small program and close enough that the family can do some therapy classes with him.  We are hoping for growth and healing and that he'll be able to be home soon.

Grant went with us to pick him up from the wilderness program and we stopped for lunch and threw a frisbee around for a little bit before we dropped him off again.  It was a good day for all of us I think.

Monday, September 15, 2014

september odds and ends

 morgan needed new shoes, converse are all she wears these days, so I suprised her with purple ones.  morgan used a pineapple to wrap a birthday treat, don't ask.  Her friend likes psych and so she gave him a pineapple (like on the show), but she hollowed it out and put the present in the middle....

 Ethan at the Dr.'s office.  Nothing too exciting.  We played ultimate frisbee for one of our last Family Home Evenings with Grant before he heads off on his mission.  We had a good time.  Beautiful night.

 Oh, my car battery died and yes, I learned how to change it all by myself.  I'm quite proud of myself it was a bit messy and very heavy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


 Above are pictures of Victor at Wilderness camp in July and below this are pictures of Victor at Wilderness camp in August and Septemer.  Along with our visit in August and our visit with Tanya in September.  The pictures of him with sticks by his shoes are him making a fire with two sticks, a rock and a piece of wood.  This is called busting.  He helped Troy and I try to do some busting...  not much sucess.