Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28 Letter from Grant

Sent: Monday, September 28, 2015 6:58 AM
Subject: Témoignage

Fabrice, we have almost finished his fence, it only has a little bit
left. While we were working on it Elder Connell spooked one of
Fabrices goats. The beast lifted its two front hooves into the air and
with its back feat started hoping up and down. When the miniature
monster was all the way up like that it was easily as tall as my
companion! Haha, Fabrice kept telling elder Connell that he needs to
give the animal a reason to have confidence around you and not scare
it. The animal started jumping towards elder Connell and he cried out
in English "I didn't scare your devil animal it scared me!" I told
Fabrice that Elder Connell was trying to sooth the beast in his native
tongue; he didn't seem to convinced. With Fabrice we talked about
temples and eternal families. It kinda interesting for Fabrice but he
wasn't super excited about it.

Hortense. We finally had a Rondez vous with Hortense, she showed up
thirty minuets late but thats just because shes african. That probably
sounds racist but Africans have no sense of time...Anywho, we brought
Axel to her house and she started talking about how hard life was.
Axel just started testifying about eternal families and how special it
is to have a child. That her child is a gift from god and not a
burden. It was really touching there were tears everywhere.

Daniel, Daniel is an old investigator that the missionaries hadn't
seen in a few years but we made contact with him and helped him cut
his bushes! French people have really strange bushes(feel free to look
them up on line tho) and we helped him cut the tops of the SUPER tall
bushes because Im like 6`2 and he is like 5`5 and a little fluffy
around the midsection. We read Alma 26 with him and talked about how
we need gods help in life. God is pretty awesome.

We moved someone into the ward this week! That was really good! She
doesnt have any kids nor a husband but we are always happy to have new
faces! Stephenie even took us out to eat at a CHinese Buffet! that was

We had a zone conference this week in Aix-en Provence. Elder Adler
from the third quarm of the seventy was there. He challenged us bear
our testimony every day for thirty days and record it! Then we can see
at the end of the month how our testimony has grown :) and our
language skills. Ill attach one of the videos for y'all. I guess y'all
wont know what I'm saying but maybe you'll pick out a couple words :)

We have started working with a less active in the ward called Sandrine
Chapus. We had a Rondez-vous at the church Sunday evening with our Fr
Pujol. She told us about how its hard to come to church due to members
and things that they have said. We explained everything that she needs
to go to the temple. She fixed a goal to go to the Paris Temple when
it opens up and also to work through some problems with other members.
Progress :) She says she still likes to read the Liahona! :) good

This week was better then some of the other ones. I finally feel like
we have everything under our belts and that we know whats going on in
the city. Anywho, hope yall have a great week with lots of chocolate.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

Saturday, September 26, 2015

september happenings

 Morgan and Lizzy dressed up for a dance party.

My baby sister got married!  They were married in the Logan temple on a very raining fall day, but a beautiful ceremony and fun lunch.

Ethan's turtle that he found at the Kaysville pond.

Went to the EchoSmith and 21 Pilots concert with Morgan, Jennifer and Lexi.  Morgan and I had gotten tickets for our birthdays this summer.

Ethan restrung his lax stick!

Stacey, Jennifer and I volunteered at the chili cook off for the Road Home fundraiser.  We had a blast working together and helping out at the sage restaurant booth.