Sunday, June 28, 2009

Save a Child Run/walk

Scout Camp

These are the pictures Troy took Friday up at scout camp. He'll have to add his comments.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Grandma Tingey

My Grandmother passed away on Sunday and her funeral was held today. It was a beautiful service and it was wonderful to see cousins and family. I had the wonderful privilege of writing her life sketch (10 minutes, so don't feel like you have to read it, it's for family) it's posted at the bottom. I loved my Grandmother dearly, she was an amazing lady and a wonderful example. She will be missed. (All the rest of my pictures I'll post on mom's blog).

(Troy left after the services, with Victor, to Boys Camp)

Good morning
I’m grateful for this opportunity to speak to you about my grandmother today. When we moved back to Utah 5 years ago I had the wonderful opportunity every Monday to visit with Grandma, helping her put her pictures into photo albums and recording stories and some of her life history.

Grayce Estelle Major was born on September 14, 1922 in Kaysville, Utah to Robert Bruce Major and Pearl Estelle Burnett. She was the middle child of five, Paul and Virginia were older and Gloria and Bob younger. Grayce’s first challenge in life came when she was almost 3 years old. She had a terrible case of pneumonia and was in bed for weeks. She was told that they had to spoon feed her because she was so weak and that she had to learn to crawl and walk again after she was well.

She loved growing up in Kaysville. Grandma talked about the huge garden her father would grow every year and the games that they played around the yard. While in grade school her father started to raise chickens. So after school every day one of her jobs after school would be to clean and candle the eggs so that they could sell them. After a couple years it became a full time business for the family. At one time they had about three thousand chickens, so that would make for a lot of eggs to clean and sell.

Grandma was very involved in High School. She took speech classes (that she loved), went to all of the dances, performed in the school plays, and her senior year she was the Girls Association President and was involved in planning dances, parties and assemblies. This must have prepared her for the future, because she loved to have parties and could cook for hundreds. She also let it slip out one day that she skipped school a few times to go see Gone With the Wind. It was always one of her favorite films.

She was truly grateful for her friends. She said, “I was in with a really wonderful group of girls. It’s funny that we even got together. We were from Layton, Bountiful and Kaysville. We were great friends through school and then during the war, our husbands all went to war, so we started to get together once in a while and take the Bamberger and go into Salt Lake to see a show or something. We still meet two or three times a year for lunch. She loved these women and the women in her book group, that started up after world war 2. (They still get together and they got grandma through some of hard times in her life. She said that her family and friends are what kept her going after Grandpa passed).

Grandma couldn’t afford to go to college, but she attended the LDS Business College in SLC. She couldn’t pay tuition, so she would go out and do temp work for the school. When businesses would call looking for someone to fill in temporarily the school would send the girls that couldn’t pay tuition and the school would collect their pay. Grandma said it worked out great for her. By the time she graduated she had so much experience she got the first job she interviewed for.

It was at the business college that Grandma met Budd Tingey. Grandma said, “One day I was practicing for a program, singing in the auditorium, when Budd came into where we were practicing. I was sitting by a girl that he knew and he came over and sat on her lap and acted like a nut. She pinched him and said, “Pudge, get off me”, he told her she was beautiful and he was going to stay there, all the while winking at me. When he left I said, “Who in the world was that?” My friend said, “Oh, that’s Pudge Tingey”.

Well the thing of it was, and I learned this after I was married to him, from Aunt Lorretta. She told me that he came up to her house that day and said, “Ive found her, I’ve found her, I’ve found her”. And Aunt Lorretta said, “who have you found?” Budd told her the girl that I’m going to marry. Aunt Lorretta asked for her name and he told her that he didn’t know, but he was going to find out. A few days later Martha came home from school saying that a boy in her class, Budd Tingey, wanted her to get a group of kids together for a picnic at Mueller Park and she was to invite Grayce. Grandma told Martha that she thought Budd was an idiot and wasn’t going to go. So Budd wrote her a note on the side of a box. Grandma said,” I can’t even remember all of it, but at the end of it he said that I was invited to come and to be sure not to bring a swimming suit because we were going swimming. I just thought what a nut.” But I went and I had a lot of fun that night, I really did. He was really cute and I changed my attitude about him.” That date was on June 8, 1941 and they were married on October 24th, 1941 in the Salt Lake Temple.

They didn’t have much of a wedding. Grandpa was going deer hunting in October and worrying about being drafted, he proposed by saying, “ I think we should get married when I get home”. Grandma said, “Ok, what day?” and he said, “next Friday”. So, Grandpa got home Tuesday, they went to the temple Wednesday and were married on Friday. Aunt Luella gave them a quilt and her dad gave her some dishes. That’s all they had to start their happy life together.

Grandma fell in love with the Tingey family, pinochle and all. I guess when they got together they would play pinochle clear into the night. She loved to have friends and family in her home and would cook all day long to feed everyone. She loved to talk about her children and was incredibly proud of them. They had three wonderful boys, Darrell, Bruce and Curtis and one cherished daughter, Trina. Grandpa was stationed over seas about a year after they were married for two years. He then returned to New York for some training and ended up staying there. Grandma was able to move out there with him and she said that was one of their happiest years, poor as they were, because they were together. (On a lot of the backs of the pictures that grandma and grandpa took in NY after he was stationed overseas, they would say, “Our Happy Life” or “The best day of my life”. I believe they were really happy to be reunited).

Grandma was a hard worker and kept and incredibly clean home. She served wherever she was asked in the church and served about 20 years in Relief Society and another 20 in the Young Women program. She also taught Gospel Doctrine for many years, which she loved, she read everything she could about the history of the church and the gospel to prepare her for her lessons. One of her only callings in primary was teaching the 11 year old boys. Those boys had a record of only keeping a teacher for a month, so when she went into teach them, they tried to put her out the classroom window. Of course she didn’t put up with that and let them know it too. That class ended up being a lot of fun and she sure loved those boys. She said, “When we got home from the war we had an old junky car. It was a ford, but we couldn’t make it go very well and I’d take those boys places in it. We’d go on picnics, fly kites and stuff like that. We couldn’t make that car go and those kids would get out and push me to get it going. When I see them now they still talk about having to push the car to get it started.”

She loved the time she had with her husband and loved talking about the trips they took together before he passed on. Budd passed away on Sept 19, 1982, they had 41 wonderful years together. She truly loved and admired him. She loved his light heartedness and that he was always laughing and joking, she said it was a good balance for all of her worrying. After his passing she began traveling the world with friends and added some scripture classes to her daily schedule.

Still her favorite thing to talk about was her family. She said she spoiled her children, now I don’t know about that, but she definitely spoiled her grandchildren. She always had time for birthday lunches, shopping and presents. She would bring us treasures home from her travels. Her home was well stocked with treats and her purse never ran low on lifesavers, mints or gum. Thus, there was never an empty seat by grandma. She always had fresh bread and pies made and always left some dough for the grandkids to bake. As she got older she especially loved the great grandchildren. She could rock and love those babies for hours.

I feel very comfortable in saying that she lived a very full and happy life here on this earth and that she is just as happy being reunited with her loved ones who have passed before her. I loved her dearly and she will truly be missed.

Week in review

Morgan is in the childrens production of Alice in the Looking Glass at Rodger Memorial Theater. She is the ditzi drinkmaster at the tea party. She was great! She performed last Saturday in the matinee and will be in three more Saturday matinee shows. She loves to perform and to be on stage and she always does such a wonderful job! Way to go babe!
This is Elder Aggie who has been teaching, with a translater, the kids the missionary disscussions. They needed some service hours and since Troy has been gone forever and they can't come in without Troy, they decided to come help the kids with their Monday weeding! What a party. We had a quick lunch and got to work and this was the cooling off part that turned into a small water fight. Fun times all around. We are hoping he doesn't get transfered before the kids are baptized. They really like him.
And, yeah! Troy finally made it home this week and we were finally able to celebrate his birthday and fathers day. The kids have been anxiously awaiting this moment. Happy Birthday Troy!

Health notes for those who ask : )

Tanya, Victor and Ana saw the dentist this week and Victor and Ana have a lot of work needing to be done. They both have some teeth that are rotted to nothing... so sad and scary, Victors are permanent teeth. Tanya only has two small cavities to be filled. Troy thinks it's all the sugary tea the kids drank at the orphanage.

Hopefully Victor won't read this. They do have to do exploratory surgery, probably after school starts, to see if he has a second testicle. It's never come down and they say if it's up in muscle it can turn into a tumor.

Ana's heart surgery is now set for August 4th. She will be in the hospital about a week and it will be about 6 weeks for a full recovery. What stinks is she'll be feeling better around three weeks and no swimming, scooters, bikes, trampolies for 6-8 weeks. I don't know what else she does : ) She will probably miss the first two weeks of school. She can't be around groups of people the first four weeks.

All three kids will start their TB medication the first week of July, finally now that we have Tanya's results.

Cousin Kate and Baseball

A couple Saturdays ago our cute cousin Kate came down with her dad to meet her new girl cousins Tanya and Ana. She just couldn't wait until the family reunion in July. She was just wonderful and got all the girls playing and running around together. It was a great thing. Thanks Klint and Kate for making the trip down here!!

Here's Ethan finishing up his baseball season. I don't think I posted any pictures of him playing baseball. He really liked it and either did really well and hit the ball and made it on base or struck out the entire game. Poor kid every game was one way or the other. Good Job buddy

Friday, June 19, 2009

the latest

Ok, I think I'm about caught up. With Troy being gone these past weeks I haven't had time to sit and type let alone stay up past 10 pm. But I will update our latest on the kids.

This week we finally got everyone's Social Security Cards taken care of and one card even came in the mail this week. Yeah! I also was informed that the social security office and other government offices don't recognize the Utah birth certificates. They told me that if I ever had to apply for new ones I would need the Certificate of Citizenship. So I don't know if we'll go through the hassle of getting the birth certificates here.

Ana and Victor had tested positive for TB so we were setting up appointments at the CDC so they can start the medication. When the nurse found out there was another sister. The paper work said she tested negative in the Ukraine so the doctor wouldn't test her again even though I asked. But the nurse at the CDC sent us back this week and Tanya tested positive, good thing we did it. When the nurse was making a circle and measuring the very large bump Tanya told me the same happened in the Ukraine. So I think maybe she tested positive in the Ukraine too or at least that this isn't a false positive. We think Tanya and Victor's father may have died from TB. Anyway... nine months of antibiotics here we come!

Ana doesn't have a heart murmur, she has Coarctation of the Aorta and has to have heart surgery this summer. She has super high blood pressure and the doctors couldn't believe that she had gone 8 years without having this checked/looked into before. They are also assuming this is why she is so teeny tiny. Her poor heart just can hardly keep up.

Next week we find out if Victor needs surgery and Tanya, Victor and Ana have dental appointments! Its starting to sound like Victor and Ana will need to have some dental work done.

So, as for bonding. We've talked a lot about being a family these past two weeks and being nice to our brothers and sisters. For those that don't know, Tanya doesn't like our biological children and has been incredibly mean at times to Morgan. I thought things were getting better and going a little smoother, then we had a little hic up tonight. They were playing a game downstairs and making teams and Grant said something about Tanya having her brother, him, on her team. She turned around and said, "Ethan Grant no brothers". The exchange went on for a few minutes until she took Victor into her room and shut the door. This is the one thing I really struggle with. I just want to shake them and tell them everything that our biological children have done and given up so that they could be here living with us. Is this something that will sort itself out with time and language or are we going to have two families living under the same roof? Victor and Ana are great with Grant, Morgan and Ethan when Tanya isn't around, that gives me hope. So, after I finished putting Ana and Ethan to bed I went down and talked to them about being brothers/sisters and about being nice. Victor really looked sorry, but Tanya just did her little shrug and grumpy face. That was the end for me and I told (I raised my voice and told her not very nicely) that she was really mean and told them to go to bed. How does this kid make me crack and turn into a two year old calling her mean? These are the things Troy handles much better than me, I get too emotional. I guess we'll have a computer talk tomorrow and hopefully I can make it a few more days till Troy gets home.

Neighborhood Swim

Just swimming at Lorie's house yesterday. The kids loved it and it was the first thing they asked if they could do today!

Lagoon June 23rd

I finally uploaded pictures from my phone from the past two weeks. I need to get batteries for my camera. So not the best quality, but pictures none the less.

After Victor went on Lady bug bop last week he was super excited to go on Rocket Re-entry. Loved it.

All of the kids love the Terror ride. Tanya and Victor have been on it dozens of times, but will still only ride with me or Grant... I'm not sure what is scaring them. Ana loves it, we are finding she loves zombies and vampires. I guess that is why she loves to watch Scooby-Doo so much.

Victor also loved this ride. He's not a huge fan of the roller coasters, but loves anything that goes in circles. He also cracks me up because half the time when he gets on a ride he will get on and sit with a family -- this ride he sat with a man and a boy that were together. On the tilt-a-whirl instead of riding with Tanya and Morgan he got in with a family of four. Then the other half of the time he refuses to ride with anyone else and rides alone.