Monday, January 26, 2015

Mission letter and pics from Grant

This week was uneventful for Chalon mainly because we had two exchanges and exchanges take SOO MUCH TIME. However we did get to meet with Justinian twice this week! That was super cool! We helped him find better ways to spend his time by playing basketball with him! He is not a very good shot but whenever he did make it we would cheer and give him a high five! At one point his sister came out and played with us, she is a less active so it was good to get in contact with her and build that relationship!

My exchange with the zone leaders. So Elder D is a really cool missionary! He leaves at the end of this transfer so I asked him all of my random questions. Elder D understands french really well and can bring the spirit quickly, he is a seasoned scriptorian and is very social. All are great aspects for a missionary and I am striving to develop all of them.  We didn't effectively use all of our time our on the road contacting and we waited thirty minuets on an investigator that didn't show up. Yes we were doing missionary work, but we could have been SOOO much more effective! It was a good learning experience that filled a few pages in my journal.

Tocafas!!! The Tocafas are a less active family that moved here from new zealand to play rugby! Yeah for some reason rugby is just huge in France. Anyways, we finally got into their house and met their family! We have a Family night planned this week so Ill keep you posted!

Thibaut, this week Thibaut got a vaporizer. I felt like we lost some ground when he showed us. He thinks it will help him get off of the cigarettes faster and be easier to quit. I really don't know how to help him progress; he has been struggling to read the book of Mormon daily and keep any other engagements that we give him. At this point he knows what he should be doing but has made the decision to not do it. Next lesson we are going to try and reevaluate and ask him a bunch of questions as to what is holding him back from keeping theses engagements. 

I look forward to this week! We may be running in 2° weather (Celsius of course) but we have been running! I look forward to Brandon Davies coming to church next week! And I look forward to making the best of what is likely to be my last week with my trainer Elder Perry.

With love
Elder Keller

I sent you a bunch of pictures of me "improperly" using my new resistance band but still getting a good workout ;)

The castle pictures are actually of a catholic Church in LYON! we visited it last P day. I almost want to say that I have visited it before...could you maybe find out for me :D

saw a couple other beaches

We slept over at a little motel, Parador Combate, so we could see a couple beautiful beaches on the other side of Puerto Rico.  We swam in this beautiful little cove, Bahia Sucia beach, it was a little cooler than the water on our side of the beach, but gorgeous.  With yummy soft sand.  We saw manta rays jumping out of the water where we were swimming.

We then headed to another beach on our way back to our hotel.  It was called boat wreck beach.  We saw black and yellow fish swimming in the water.  These two cute kids were feeding bread to the fish and would then jump in and swim with them off of the pier.  This beach was great away from the food and picnic tables, that area was pretty dirty with lots of garbage.  Also bathrooms were yucky.  But if you have snorkeling gear it would be a great place to snorkel.