Friday, September 3, 2010

Last week of August

We had Georgia and Aunt Marcie stop by to take Aly down to BYU! The oldest Keller cousin is off to college. It was fun to see them and all the fun things Aly was decorating her dorm room with. I even got to have Geogia stay and play one of the days. We made some cookies and then went and got Ana out of school early so they could spend some time together. Ana loves playing with Georgia and they get along really well.

Then Happy Birthday to me! Terrible picture, but the only one with my eyes open. Can you tell how hard I was trying, I hate flashes, I ALWAYS blink. The kids each got me a magazine, pretty fun. I love magazines, but never buy them. They also picked out some cool soaps from the farmers market. Especially cooking and house magaizines. Troy took Friday off of work and we went up to Park City for the day. Wandered the galleries, ate and did a little shopping. We took our bikes but it rained most of the afternoon and Saturday morning so we didn't ride. Sunday we had cake and ice cream at my parents and Tanya and Victor were wild. It was like they just walked off the plane from Ukraine. Thank goodness they were calm when heading out the door to school the next day.

This is the cute little dove sitting on her two eggs in the backyard. The kids have been watching her waiting for the eggs to hatch for weeks.


standfortruth said...

Happy Birthday Carlin,

I hope you have lots of peaceful, quiet time to enjoy those magazines. You deserve it :)

Wendy said...

Happy late Birthday!!
Glad you got away and that the kids finally calmed down! Geez. What a birthday present!
I am the most un-photogenic person (or I'm just extremely critical?) and I'm not even blinking. There's no excuse-I just hate having my picture taken.
I think you look just fine!

Lori said...

Gosh, Carlin. Somehow I've been missing your blog. I went back a long ways and caught up. The boating pictures look so fun. I'm sorry Tanya is so difficult. I had been hoping she was better. I understand about "not writing if nothing nice to say." Sometimes I feel like I blog all the negative. Hang in there. Now that our wedding is over, I hope to be at the lunches. I'd love to see you sometime.

Rita and Bruce said...

Ahhh, nothing like a dove to bring peace to the Keller family....

samsthree said...

seeing all these pictures makes me miss the family even more. It is a good update. What would I ever do without blogging? Happy late late bday. You look great!