Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday in Florida

Wednesday we spent the day at Sea World. Of course when we got there our kids just wanted to ride the roller coasters. I should have explained things a little better telling them we would mostly be seeing shows at these parks. They were expecting Lagoon and just ride, ride and ride some more. So we got in line for the Manta Ray, I will say it may be my new favorite roller coaster ride. You ride in it sort of like your hang gliding and it is so smooth, no whip last at all. Loved it. But we missed the dolphin show and after seeing my sisters pictures it would have been the show to go to, Shamu just wasn't worth the wait. The highlight was before the show and one of the whales kept spitting water on one of the trainers standing in the audience. So if you have to pick, go to the dolphin show!

feeding the sting rays, highlight. Ana was terrified of putting her hand in the water with them. My brother held her hand in his and finally got her to feed one.

The only ride (out side of kiddy rides) these kids could ride, so Grandpa took them again while we road the Cracken. You do have to be 5 feet? to ride the two main roller coasters at Sea World, FL.

love the penguins

The baby they talked about for 20 minutes of the 30 min show.

This is the only time any of the trainers were in the water with the whales, they don't perform or ride with them like they did when I was a kid.

Our kids wanted to get wet, somehow we missed the water every time : )

After our adventures at Sea World, we all attended dinner at a castle to watch some jousting and eat our food without silverware. Tanya and Victor ate their entire chickens licking the bones clean! Amazing.

Our knight in shining armor, the Blue Knight. He threw a flower to Morgan and she almost fainted.

There was a long line of young girls waiting to get our knights autograph and picture and Tanya walked right up in front of everyone and handed him our picture to sign. Somethings never change...

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