Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Halloween & JBiz Town

 Grant getting ready to go to Sadie Hawkins as a pirate.

 friends someing over to help Morgan set up for her 1st boy/girl party and yes, a Halloween party.  Everyone was good sports and came in costume.  They had a great time.  A couple of the boys were super crazy chasing other kids (yes one was our own Victor) other than those moments it went really well.

 Halloween class party for Ana and Ethan's 5th grade class...  It had been a while and was maybe a bit young, but all the kids were good sports and seemed to enjoy the party.

 green house is almost finished.

 Halloween.  we have a witch, legalos and hannah montana (and a dog walker lurking).

 JBiz town is at the childrens museum and the kids all get a job and earn fake money and have to open bank accounts and spend their hard earned dollars.  It was a lot of fun to watch all the 5th graders run around, do their jobs, spend their money or not spend their money.  It was a great field trip and I think they all enjoyed it.

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