Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday night

Troy and I watched grant play bball tonight, he plays on a city league with other high school kids. His team won tonight, it was great to watch him. We then stopped at VI (village inn) for dinner.

Tanya was cleaning the kitchen when we got home, complaining about dishes in the sink & how messy it was. We then told her she's the one with dishes this week (we rotate kitchen jobs each week) & 8 had been unloading and loading because she's had bball. She had to go look at the chart to believe me. Then she finished the dishes. Too funny! The WX girls JV team won their first game Tuesday, but lost again tonight. This the ocd with the kitchen. :)

You sent her & Morgan off for milk shakes & Tanya backed right into Matt  Bronson's car. (the blurry pics).

Friday night at the Kellers, gotta love it :).

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