Sunday, May 11, 2014

quick trip to Texas

Last week Troy and I went to Texas, I even got to ride on the corporate jet.  The kids were pretty excited for me.  We went to check out the Woodlands, this is where the Huntsman Corporate Offices are at.  We are trying to decide if we should move down there next summer or not....

It was beautiful and green.  Lots of 100 foot tall pine trees.  I walked/jogged on the trails, had some room service for breakfast one morning, worked on this blog so I could get caught up and print out 2013! on the mornings that Troy had meetings. Friday we went with a realator to see some of the neighborhoods and schools in the area.  We could live down there just fine, it's very flat but no more shoveling snow...  thus, no more mountains to hike and ride in.  Maybe I'd finally learn to ride a bike if we lived in a flat area : ).  Our bigger concerns were sending Tanya to college and then leaving town and that we'll have three kids in high school, they will have a little bit of a harder transition.

So who knows what will happen, guess we'll have a better idea next year when the waiting game is a little closer to an end.

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