Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ok. Where did April go? Time caught up with me in many ways. After a very busy week last week and one too many late nights my body crashed and I have been sick all week. On the bright side I'm finally blogging and getting caught up with some other emails and calls that have needed to been done for weeks!

So there is no time line in these pictures, but are glimpses of our April. We made these easter bunny rolls for easter - recipe in the Children's Friend! They were yummy. Saturday before Easter we participated in the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and breakfast.

We had all my family and the missionaries over for Easter dinner. I will say it was very delicious : ) Mostly recipes from my cooking class so of course they were yummy! I wish I had taken pics before, but here is what was left over. Our friends brought the bunny cake - super cute. I friend chicken cordeon blue, made lamingtons for dessert and faccatia? bread and boiled potatoes with a yummy dressing. My mom brought salad and fruit and my sister brought her very yummy rolls. We had a wonderful time


Ana's bday party - rest of the pics are on Troy's phone. She had a dozen girls come and go to flips with her for her party this year. Very exciting.

Troy's back to traveling, in fact he is in Texas this week, but a couple weeks ago was in Hong Kong. Pics from his phone and the plate of food was duck tongue. He said it was as tasty as it looked.

this I think was Chicago or NYC....

Ethan catching some fish with his dad at a fly fishing pond - getting a little practice in before summer

Grant's ballroom dance night

Ethan and Ana's art show at the school

Suzie and I attended women's conference last week. We really enjoyed it and I need to learn to take pictures with my phone. Thursday there were so many people we knew speaking first on Thursday and after I found out my aunt had spoken - she didn't tell anyone, I would have enjoyed listening to her.

Last Saturday Grant's school was selected at one of the best HS musicals this year and so they performed again at Utah State. So we headed up early for practices and costume checks, yep doing costumes again, then went to lunch at the blue bird with Chelsey (my friends daughter who is attending school at USU). She then ran around with me finding replacements for a couple costumes that were left home. It was fun to spend the day with her and meet her cute boy friend. Oh, the HS did great, they should have won over all : ), but Aaron our male lead won and will got to the finals in NYC for a week in June! We are so happy and excited for him, he really is absolutely amazing.

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