Wednesday, July 13, 2011

grant's hair cut - June 18

Grant and his friend made these huge cookies and they ate every single bite! Saturday we took Grant to go get his hair cut - his birthday present to his dad. We picked up donuts after to say happy birthday to Troy to distract him. He looked up and thought Grant was his younger brother Brady at first. It was fun to surprise Troy, not very often we can actually catch him off guard!

before and after

This was our other Saturday job, clean out the pantry... how do we eat all of this stuff?

This is another favorite passtime, the boys have started building their own worlds on Halo. I don't mind, I think it's pretty creative and it beats shooting each other (they are only allowed to play with Troy).

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Sherry Bronson said...

I can't believe those two boys in the first picture are OUR little boys! They have both grown up so much. What handsome guys. I'm glad Matt and Grant have remained such good friends...They're a good team!