Friday, July 22, 2011

NYC & CT trip - last week of June

We used to have such nice quiet summers playing with friends and cousins, hanging out at Bear Lake and reading books... then we added three more kids and my summers are no longer quiet and relaxing, which is fine, I just don't always handle the stress of it all very well. After a couple weeks into summer Troy decided I needed to get out of dodge and planned a long weekend for us to go to NYC - where we always love to go and up to CT to listen to a depressing folk singer who Troy loves to listen to. I will admit, I didn't realized I was as stressed as I thought and it took me a couple days to unwind and just chill, so it was definitely good that I took a little break. We had a wonderful time in the city and in CT, weather was really nice too.

NYU law school

Washington Square Park - our apartment was just across the street, but we could hardly get around, everyone was celebrating that Gay Marriages were just legalized in NYC that Friday! - just in time for the Gay Pride Parade the next day

This was the bench Troy chose to rest on... so appropriate, he did get his day of fishing in.

I had never been to the guegenheim, it was the only must I had on my list this trip. When we lived here I was always cheap and would donate a couple dollars to the Met or Natural History Museum - I also went a lot and we were poor, I couldn't imagine paying 15-20$ to go to a musuem back then! Now I've got to catch up. I loved the building, the exhibit was so-so.

Oh yeah, we decided to jump aboard one of the big apple bus tours, actually enjoyed seeing NY from the top of a bus.

Where Ghostbusters was filmed, lived and worked here 6 years and never noticed.

ground zero - Troy worked in Tower two, we moved to Colorado 2 years before the attacks, it was a crazy day hearing from friends that were still working there when the towers came down.

coming up on West 4th, our old stopping grounds

First time for me in Grand Central Station - Took the train up to Ct and back (pics at the end)

Went to the American Folk Art Museum. If you like quilts you should go.... other wise I don't think I'd recommend it.

waterfall on 53rd?

skyline from airplane

3 ft long gummy snakes Georgia helped me pick out for the kids... mmmmm.... How much they liked them scale: Tanya ate her entire snake in under 5 minutes, Ana ate half of her snake before bed and Morgan had about 5 bites (not sure if she ever finished it)

Arriving at Newark, took the train to mid-town where hotel was, easy, but familar reminder that everything is a bit slower and less scheduled than in Manhattan.

These are our pictures of the Ct visit. Georgia showed us the chickens and the yard and taught me how to play the princess game on the wii - I didn't even know they had princess games, I thought it was all legos and starwars.

Troy learned how to NOT swing on the swing

we went to lunch and had yummy pumpkin bread

down town and the candy shop

We went up to CT to hear Slaid Cleeves play at a park, Brett and Marcie were kind enough to put us up and Aly, Calvin and Georgia entertained me while Troy and Brett fished the day away.


Wendy said...

Wow. I look at those NY pictures and I can only relate due to movies and TV.
What a great vacation get away. So glad you and Troy had the chance to get away from it all.
And those gummy worms? My kids would love 'em but ....ew, gross?

Rita and Bruce said...

Next trip to NYC your mother is going!!!!!!! Lots of good memories.

Sherry Bronson said...

What great pictures! Thanks for posting and making me jealous! ;) The whole de-tox from kids get-a-way weekend trip sounds SO appealing! I might have to incorporate that into my next summer's calendar! You two make a good looking couple!