Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Paradisos

Even though we were not envious of all the snow the east coast received last week, Saturday we received our own dumping of snow. 

We also had the great priviledge of meeting another memeber of the Paradiso family (the brother of Debbi & Tati Paradiso - our girls from Argentina).  David, his wife Andrea and their 8 month son Santiago came up for Sunday dinner.  What a beautiful little boy with a mellow, happy personality.  Cousin Aly also joined us for dinner, we just love having Aly come hang out.  She was so nice to play some piano with the kids and listen to all the kids.  And she was the photographer for the Keller/Paradiso picture.

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samsthree said...

That is so cool! Their little boy is beautiful. Look at those eyes.