Friday, January 13, 2012

Victor's 14th birthday

 We keep trying to get Victor to have a friend birthday party.  Who wouldn't want to play laser tag, go to a movie or drive go carts?  I guess it's good he feels safe enough and wants to hang out with us for his birthday.  I just worry about how he doesn't like to socialize with neighbor kids.  He went from teasing and bullying to being teased and bullied.  What to do...  The therapist says we can start pushing him to do things with friends now, they've made a time line of his Ukraine life and he's pretty comfortable with it.  Still a lot of holes. 

So we celebrated his birthday early with cake, ice cream and presents so that we could put Troy on a plane to Argentina to go fishing with his brothers for 10 days.  Again, back to Vic.  We sang, ate and he opened his great gifts.  Did you guess I gave him movie tickets forcing him to invite a couple friends to go to a movie with him.  One day he will thank me for it. Right?

We'll Happy 14th! We love you.

Nerf gun was the favorite gift, good picking Grant.  Runner up between the BYU hoodie and the spy gear lasers.  Oh and Morgan's rocket.


Wendy said...

He still seems so little for 14. Like my Alex. We're not too social over here. I have to MAKE him turn off the video games and play with friends but usually he'll find a project to work on by himself. He fixed our broken recliner and tightened my vanity chair in the last 24 hours.

samsthree said...

Happy Bday Victor!