Friday, January 20, 2012

week in review

 Morgan played her viola in church on Sunday and did a marvelous job! We had even just picked up a larger viola and so our wonderful pianist worked with her for a couple hours the night before to make sure it was perfect!
 the kids after sledding on Monday, drinking hot cocoa with friends.
Grant having nerve testing done on Tuesday, all the nerves responded - bit more painful than we thought it was going to be.  (after a bit I bet Grant wished they would quit responding as he about jumped off the table a couple of times).  I think Grant and I both kept laughing so neither of us would cry : ) So we are back to physical therapy to see if they can strengthen the muscles that aren't working/growing in his shoulder.  Dr. Bell here we come, again...
Grant had his very first track meet down at BYU.  He ran the 800 meter.  Did average, but it was fun to head to provo.  I have a friend down their building a home and so Ana and I were able to walk though it and make it back to see grant run.

 Yep Grant drove the entire way in the families little blue car.  he still needs 9 more hours of driving time before he can get his license in two months!
 Took Ana, Victor and Ethan to the golf course to sled on Monday.  No school and snow, what a good combo!  Who knows it maybe some of the only snow we get this winter it's been so dry.  We were suppose to get more yesterday, but it rained and it feels like spring is on it's way today.

Troy has been in Argentina fishing the past week and reports that he is sun burned and his casting arm is getting sore.  Pulling in 18-21 in fish is a lot of work!  We miss you!


Stacie said...

Morgan, that is awesome. One day we would love to hear you play. Sorry to hear about Grant, I hope things get worked out. You are a good mom to take them sledding. It snowed last night, Mike is shoveling the drive while the kids play. I am inside enjoying the warmth and hot chocolate.

California Garners said...

Davis asked a few weeks ago, "What's indoor track?" My S. Cal. kids have a hard time imagining that winter weather lasts longer than a weeklong holiday trip. Go fast Grant! (Except when you are driving...)