Monday, May 4, 2015

Latest from Grant

Subject: Maude (pronounced mode, like load but with an M instead of an L at the beginning)

Maude, about a month ago we went door to door and found the COOLEST person ever! she was super cool with us talking to her and talking about the gospel. Infact she wanted us to come back and explain more about the church when her mother was home. Well we finally got to teach her this week and MAN is she the coolest! She is half African and half French so she has that funny African laugh and eats really strange food but speaks perfect French all at the same time. Not fair. Anyways, we taught her the plan of salvation and we pulled out the puzzle with all the pieces and she put the whole thing together without us explaining anything. She literally knew the right answer to every question we asked! It was unreal! At the end of the lesson Elder Gossel said "In my year and a half of missionary work I have never had a first lesson where the investigator knew all the answers". Super cool! Plus her mom was there too! AHHH it was wonderful! We are going to see her again tonight, fingers crossed this lesson happens. Being African means that she has no sense of time. Literally I have had African investigators who show up 2 hours late to meetings and ask why we aren't there. But they are incredibly receptive to the gospel!  Anywho, I am really excited for our lesson tonight with Maude. We will be teaching the restoration of the gospel and explaining the BOM and its importance.

Norrick. Last night we had a make or brake lesson. We asked him a lot of questions about what he thought and why he wasn't coming to church or trying to change and he got a little offended and called Joseph Smith a Wizard. It was something he learned from his pastor. I didn't know Joseph Smith did sorcery. After a lot of explaining I broke down and told him why Joseph smith was so important and the Book of Mormon. Then I bore my testimony. It was probably the most heartfelt honest testimony I have ever given. I told him all the reasons and even an experience that I had as to how I know this church is true. After, Elder Gossel bore a similar testimony. And we think he finally got it. Like, this is the first time in a while I feel like he is actually going to pray and read the book of mormon to know if it is true. If he gets that response I know he will be a strong member. He is someone who, once set on a task, never waivers. I really admire that about Norrick. I would love it so much if he could get a tangible response. Something that would anchor him in this church forever. He would be just what this branch needs. Someone who doesn't get offended, knows how to work hard, and isn't afraid to put in extra hours.

After Norricks lesson last night at about 9:30 we were walking home and a Police car rolled up onto the sidewalk and the driver through the imergency brake down and the car squealed to a stop. The driver and passenger doors swung open and two scary looking French cops got out. From behind one of the buildings another two cops walked out and, we didn't realize this until after, but there were two more officers just ten feet behind us. We got "patrolled". apparently late at night this is common in Europe. Elder Gossel said he had been controlled a couple times in Germany. Nothing crazy happened. They just asked who we were, we had to give them ID, they spent 10 minutes trying to read my American drivers license. They asked a lot of questions like what the name tags meant, who we work for, where we were coming from and where we were going. Closer to the end of our conversation with them one of them asked if we had a bible. We showed them the book of mormon and what seemed to be the head officer read through the intro and couple first pages while the other officers were checking our ID. It was kinda cool because he asked some questions and we got to teach all of the big scary French police officers what the book of mormon was and how it came about. They now know who Joseph Smith is and about half of the first vision. That was a really fun experience! and a really easy way to share the gospel! when people ask you the questions. hahaha :)

That seems to be the highlights for this week. Madame Gill is still doing just dandy. Elder Gossel continues to find the Grossest sausages to eat. The members continue to be really French. all is well :)

Merci pour les priers!
Elder Keller

 Pictures of Rodez, where Grant is serving right now.

 He filled his journal and just bought this journal and pen to continue journaling about his mission.

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