Monday, February 29, 2016

February Happenings in Texas 2016

 The funny looking ducks that hang out year round at the ponds around our house.  We saw a couple brown ducks at the end of them month and they must migrate, so I'm guessing these don't.

We had New Beginnings last week.  Yep, three weeks as YW President and we hit it off with New Beginnings.  It went we'll I think.  The girls who introduced the new beehives were adorable!  Had everyone laughing.  I spoke and Jennifer spoke and we had three laurels speak and then we closed with the bishop and had refreshments.  The leaders and girls this year wanted to focus on Brightness from the scripture 2 Nephi 31:20 (which is the YM/YW theme this year).

 turtles out sunning them selves

Ethan finally caught the big bass at the pond a couple blocks away.  He's been heading over there at dusk almost every night trying to catch him.  He catches a little sun fish and then the bass eats the sun fish, but doesn't get hooked.  So he tried it with a three pronged hook and wa-la, he caught the big guy.  He called me and I biked over as quick as I could to get some pictures : )

 Watched this herring catch and eat this fish right out the back window.

 Troy's been gone all of February and so Suzie came out to visit and keep me sane till he gets back in town.  It was fun to have a familiar face around and to catch up on lots of stuff!  It made me realize how much I miss knowing all the people in your neighborhood and friends.  Even though you don't see each other regularly you know they are there.

 One of the lizards that lives on the kitchen window at night.

Girls basket ball day!  The stake hosts one day and each team plays twice.  Our girls were great and I think had the most fun.  They laughed the entire time : )

 Percy got a new hair cut!  Yep, you may not recognize him, but I'm sure he'll be much happier in the heat and have less chance of getting fleas!

 Trying to get the pool to heat up...  three visits from the pool company and it worked for the weekend.  That was all we needed.  Had the Cutler family over to swim and the boys loved it and had a great time.

 Funny traffic things in the woodlands.  You can't see the sign, but they label all of the green left turn lights.  This is because if there isn't an arrow, it's a protected left turn.  Which really throws a person off.  It's weird to have a green light, not an arrow, and cars just sitting across the street from you not going.  When you are turning left it feels like you should wait for them...
as shown in the picture below this.

lots of places for U-turns because of the tree medians

 Trail behind the houses across the street from us.

 We tried out whataburger this month, a Texas hamburger chain.  It was pretty tasty.  They are huge burgers and fill you up!

I went to the temple.  It's a beautiful temple.  Small, only two endowment rooms and so the sessions start every hour on the hour.  That's a long wait if you don't get in...  It was really nice and a beautiful day.

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