Tuesday, May 10, 2016

letter from Grant May 10th, 2016

Grant Keller  Today at 12:17 PM

Well, the night before we got calls we all made guesses as to where we were going to get called to. I may have prophesied that Elder Abney would go to Vitrolles. And now look where he is! Should have just guessed that he would be staying.

We had a really solid week. We ate steak patties with cooked potatoes for district meeting.
Apperently there was salad. Hmm.
A really sweet member took us out to eat Moroccan food at a Moroccan buffet. Lots of couscous and lots of curry. It was good! The main dishes were really interesting. The deserts were not worth it. They were either dried fruit or covered in honey. Voila.


We also ate some really good sushi with Mildred! She is the best! Even if she did show up two hours late. I think that sushi was the best I have ever had! Haha and the lady even wanted to know more about the church so we gave her a card and asked her to call us :)


We also got to eat a goodbye dinner at the leungs house. NEMS!!!


Well, yeah. I said goodbye to Elder Abney yesterday. :( He was probably my most favorite companion. We just got a long really well. Had a good time. Baptized and taught really well together.

Et ouai.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

Time for a break.

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