Monday, June 6, 2016

Letter from Grant - June 6, 2016 (no letter last week, so I'm not looking for it later :)

Sent: Monday, June 6, 2016 7:46 AM
Subject: Robertine

I'm just going to start out with the best, Robertine's did get
baptized! And all in the same  week her daughter got out of the
hospital (she was suffering from some rare blood disease in Africa but
will soon be coming to France to live with her mother :) and she made
it into her cooking school! They only take seven or eight students a
year and it's held up in Bordeux. Apparently to test in they sit you
down in a kitchen, they give you a recipe, all the ingredients you
need and tell you to make it. You have to finish the dish within a
certain time and it has to meet certain qualifications and then they
judge your plate with everyone else's. You do this multiple times
until the judges have weeded everybody out! Haha, kinda bonkers but
what can you do?  She now has to read some thousand page book on
cuisine and memorize a bunch of cooking faux pas and must do's.

Pierre is doing good, skipped institute this week but that's because
he was also in Bordeux for something.

Yoland, fixed a baptismal date, needs a job to support herself. She is
progressing great in the gospel, she has been understanding
everything! She even brought her sister to church with her so that was
fantastic because we are teaching both of them together.

The Jumelles. Jumelles is the French word for twins. This week while
contacting my companion and the zone leader taught some 24 year old
Jumelle girls who are surprisingly interested in the gospel. I met
with them Friday with my companion Elder Orr. They have TONS of
questions because they have a friend in Utah who just got her mission
call and they want to know like everything about us. Fingers crossed
we can get them to church to meet all of the young adults :)

What else do y'all want to know? I bought a new pair of pants today? I
really like French pants :) they are TIGHT!

Avec Amour
Elder Keller

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