Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Reflections

 Troy didn't make it backpacking/fishing in the Uintas with Ethan, since Ethan passed out and fell down some rocks and broke his jaw!  He decided to take the girls :)  they had a lot of fun and Morgan caught and gutted and ate her own fish!

 Ethan and mom doing some morning biking... we'll we stopped a lot many a morning for Ethan to catch some pokemon... hmmm.
Victor and MJ got engaged, getting married September 24th with a little girl on the way in December or January :)  Oh, yeah.  Soon to be grandparents!  What?  I know, love those little babies, but not so sure about being called gma and papa. hahaha

 Morgan worked for Huntsman in SLC this summer and was awesome and wonderful and was a busy bee.
Then we headed up to Idaho for the annual Keller Reunion!  We stayed at Kim and Sheree's and got to feed some roaches to Shep's very cool lizard/bearded dragon.  Very fun trip and it was great to see the entire Keller family.  The only two not there was Grant, still serving in France and Victor, planning a wedding.

 The youth did baptisms with McCall and Preston doing the baptizing!  Very cool and Grandma and I got the sweet privilege of handing out the towels.  Then to the roller rink the next morning and a fun filled day at aunt betsy's!

Our drive home to Texas through Colorado and New Mexico!  Some how Percy survived our crazy summer of running around.  Thanks to Kat and Kyle and my parents for often babysitting the dog!  And our very nice neighbor kid who fed and took care of the turtles, they were very much a live and well when we got home.

 Home to rain and allergy testing for my two babies, so sorry.  We are going to start allergy shots this fall... sorry if that is too much information!
Late night of work so we took dinner to dad at his office.  We got which wich sandwiches which is Ethan's favorite sandwich place, very good.

 first day of school and seminary pictures.  And breakfast experiments for 5:15 breakfasts!  Love my seminary class they are wonderful.  Had a great first week teaching them!  And I have the best team teacher, who heads off to teach 5th grade science after teaching early morning seminary.  I hope blessing are dumped on her all year!

 In all the rain we have been getting we found this little baby turtle in our swimming pool one afternoon.  We've named him Yoda and Ethan released gerbil back into the pond behind our home, where he had caught him.  The bigger turtle is Myrtle, who ethan caught back in Kaysville pond before we moved to Texas.

 Happy Birthday to ME!  and Morgan played during the class changes at back to school night!  Phew the month is over and gone.  On to September!

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