Monday, August 29, 2016

letter from Grant - August 29th

Sent: Monday, August 29, 2016 9:45 AM
Subject: Wahoo Geneva

Funny experience of the week. We went to a Latina members house to
give the mother a blessing with the Spanish sisters. All was going
fine, we talked about what she has been going through, gave her a
spiritual thought and it was all just great. She asks me to do the
blessing I put my hands on her head and her little boy starts
screaming his head off. She picks him up and he dies down to a
whimper. I start the blessing (I started kinda fast so that I wouldn't
forget all five of her names) and part way through the blessing the
boy starts balling again. He continues for a few seconds and then goes
silent. Thinking this is a blessing from God I happily continue the
blessing. When I finish I look down to find that she is Brest reading
her two year old with not one but two exposed breasts. A little taken
back I look away and unfortunately made eye contact with the giggling
sisters. Ethan, you better be counting down the days until you can go
on a mission.

Jamel - completely lost contact. She sent us a text saying she was
hospitalized, sounds like she was there for a few days and then she
never responded to our texts or calls not even the texts and calls of
members. Literally have no idea where she went. Could be in Utah for
all we know.

Ali - doing better, slowly but surely. He looks happier and happier
every day. He has been reading more.

Serge - Finally came to church!! It's been so long! He came and stayed
all three hours and we fixed a rendez vous to have family home evening
with him later this week with two other super members! It's going to
be a BLAST!

Dennis - still won't stop talking about his magical orchestra and all
of the instruments he has made and plans on making. But he accepted
the plan of salvation as doctrine and brought a friend to church named
Madame Claude. She was a nice lady in her fifties that believes that
the Catholic Church has strayed to far off the path. She wouldn't fix
another rendez-vous(as we taught her the restoration before church)
but promised to come next Sunday. That should be cool.

Burger place called Holy Cow, expensive, but super good.
The Tahitain elders invited us to eat roquefort beef pasta. Very different, oddly good. However I probably won't be eating cheese for few days.
For lunch Elder Underwood and I mixed two hymns together. It was kinda fun. :)

Avec amour
Elder Keller

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