Friday, September 18, 2009

Home again, Home again

Troy had to work in Europe again this week and so I slipped out and went with him. It was a much needed break for both of us and for us to spend a little time together. My mother was and absolute angel and stayed with so many children, I'm sure at times she didn't know what to do!

Troy and I spent the weekend in Paris, neither of us had ever been. I wasn't terribly excited because of all the negative stereo types that one hears about the French. So surprise, surprise it was a wonderful, beautiful city. I'd go again in a heart beat. It was cleaner than I had expected, the people were very pleasant and everything moved at a much slower, relaxed pace. I like NYC, but I really enjoyed that everyone was leisurely walking from place to place and just seemed to be enjoying life. It was very comfortable for us and we just enjoyed wandering around the city seeing the sites. We even rode bikes around the city, there were bikes you could rent located all around Paris. Our hotel was small but really clean and comfortable and located in the Opera district and so we were in walking distance to most everything we wanted to see.

We then spent a few days in Brussels so Troy could work and I wandered around. It's a bit more like what I was expecting, more hustle and bustle and not as clean. It too, was nice and we ate at a great Italian place our first night there and then I lived on crepes and waffles. They are so much tastier hot and when you don't have to make them. We then spent on more night in Paris and ate at a wonderful little restaurant and saw the Eiffel tower all light up. So I'll post pictures when I get batteries for the camera.

We returned home yesterday to a pretty happy bunch. Tanya was a little put out with us and was grumpy all day. We found a tutor to work with the kids and she was mad about that and then everything you could imagine came gushing out about us and school and what not. I had been worried about leaving her and she has regressed a bit I think, but it's not as trumatic as I thought it could have ended up. Now that I've had a breather and coming home to see her stress and anxiety I think we need to move forward and find some kind of therapy for her. Ethan and Ana had acted out a bit while we were gone too, but seemed very happy to please this morning. So back to trying to organize all of our lives and getting back on track.

Our young poet Morgan wrote this after we left.

My Dad Went To...
by Morgan Keller

My Dad went to Australia,
Or was that Korea?
Was it somewhere by Japan or China?
Maybe it was South America.
Russia? Asia? Ukraine?
(No, he's had enough of that).
England? Illinois? Boise? Germany?
Tell me where did he go!
What is that, You don't know!?


Rita and Bruce said...

My few days with the kids was an eye opener...I don't get up early, I throw in a load of wash when needed, and I don't cook. Well, I did for my wonderful grandkids. When I read Morgan's great poem about her dad, I asked her to write one about me, her grandma. She started with "my grandma makes me pick up my room, she makes me comb my hair, she makes me fold my clothes... and I told her it was right on!!!! They sure didn't complain about the Costco muffins and apple strudel! We were all glad to see mom and dad come home.

samsthree said...

Love your poem Morgan!