Friday, September 18, 2009

Paris Pictures

So we checked into our hotel in Paris and freshened up and then walked down to see some of the sights of Paris. Our first stop was the Louvre.

Then we strolled down the Seine to check out Notre Dame.

The next day we slept a little late and had breakfast around 11 am down the street from the old opera house. Only the ballet performs here now, there is a new opera house where operas are performed. I was reading more about the building on our way out of Paris and Marc Chagall painted the ceiling in the old Opera House... if only I had know I would have loved to have seen it, although I doubt it's done in the Cubism style.

Walked down to the Museum d'Orsay.

Then headed over to the Eiffel Tower. It really is amazing, built as the entrance for the 1889 World Fair.

Then we rented bikes to ride home. On our way we rode around the Louvre.

On to Brussels.

Palace, but it's only open to public in August.

Last night in Paris, the Eiffel Tower all lite up on our way to dinner.


Tiffany said...

What a fun trip! And super fun pictures! I love those bikes.

Carol said...

It looks like you two had a wonderful time! Do you think your mom would come watch my kids?

Betsy said...

Hooray for you!! What a great trip -- I'm so proud of you for taking a little get-a-way. You deserve it! I can't wait to go to Paris someday and see all that art in real life! Jealous!!

Lori said...

Wow, I'd love to see Paris one day. I'm glad you got a break from the kids. Your mom is an angel.

Jen said...

I'm jealous! What a fun weekend and a much needed break I'm sure. The pictures are amazing.

samsthree said...

That is amazing! I so wish I could have been there. One day, it is on my to do list. LOL. Love the pictures. I hope is was a great get away for you two!