Sunday, November 1, 2009

Grant's Halloween Party

Then Gang.
The food.

The Host and House.

Grant had his first boy girl party! He did the menu and decorating and we planned the games and movie together. The kids were awesome. They cracked me up though, I think they could have just sat around chatting all night and been just as happy as having any activities.

So the party started with golfing some mini pumpkins across the back yard. They never knew if one would blow up or if it would go flying and they seemed to enjoy that. They then had dinner and sat around chatting. They had wanted to go trick or treating so we scratched the games we planned and sent them on a candy bar treasure hunt. The black team was only missing the box of raisins, thus allowing the purple team to win. The prize? Minty fresh toothbrushes. Then off to the movies. Let me just say that was the hardest part to figure out! Troy and I watched a bunch of movies this week looking for something 13 year olds could watch and we still hadn't found anything by Saturday! My brother-in-law mentioned they lived by someone who worked for Clean Flix and we were able to borrow some movies from them. The kids picked The Others and I think it scared them pretty good! We then made eye ball ice cream for dessert and sat around talking until I broke it up and made kids go home. Very well behaved and fun kids, it's nice to see who Grant hangs out with at lunch every day.


Betsy said...

Carlin, you are AMAZING!!! That's all. :)

Rita said...

Way to go Grant (and mom and dad), a great host and party thrower, that is a great reputation for a 13 year old. Nice costume by the way! xoxo

samsthree said...

I loved the ideas and that Grant helped plan it. I was thinking in a couple years Isabelle is going to want to throw a party too. I now have someone to ask!

shareenspace said...

That is so fun to read about! What beautiful and fun pictures and Grant's first boy-girl party! Is time really passing so quickly? Wow, a lot going on & how exciting!

Lori said...

Hey, we just watched that movie. I had to tuck Quinn in bed that night, leave the light on, turn on some peaceful music, and leave the hall light on. Pretty scary!

Jen said...

What a fun idea. Your family really does put on quite a party. You do it well!