Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Refinery fire

Last week there was a huge bang in my house, it was so loud it felt like the house shook. I went out back to see if something had happened with the tractors building a rock wall in our neighbors yard. When I stepped out I noticed the workers taking pictures with their phones. There were huge flames at the refinery closest to our house and the smoke was floating over the kids Jr. High school. By the time I got my camera the flames were about gone, but because of a power outage north of the explosion the refinery further way burst into flames. Happy to note that is what it is suppose to do and the flames were all in stacks.

I did call down to the school and they said everything was fine and that the fire department had checked out the school and there was no damage to the school. On the news they showed a lot of houses down around the refinery had had windows blown out and a lot of damage.

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