Tuesday, July 6, 2010

California - Friday

Friday we went to the Huntington Gardens. Morgan loved all the bamboo growing there. We walked around the grounds and through many of the different types of gardens. The grounds were absolutly beautiful and I did take pictures of a few things I would like to try in our yard (next year). We also saw a mother duck with her ducklings, they liked the wild strawberries growing around the edge of the pond. We also explored some of the hands on learning areas in the museum and walked through one art gallery. Morgans favorite painting being one by Mary Cassatt. My guess was maybe we saw a third of the Huntington, there was so much to see.
The kids were getting hungary and tired and we had promised we'd eat at Panda Express sometime during the week and our week was almost over so... off we went to eat some orange chicken.

Morgan lost a tooth while we were in CA. This is what Morgan and Nathaniel did a lot of...

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