Sunday, July 25, 2010

California - Saturday

Saturday Jennifer and I got up at 5 am to drive up to Santa Barbara to pick up the boys from EFY. We got them around 7am and they were pretty sleepy and pretty grumpy. We took them to a yummy breakfast the I enjoyed much more then these sleepy boys. We drove through a couple towns and then hung out at the beach. Grant and I enjoyed wandering around the beach finding shells and little crabs. We walked over a lot of tar to get to the beach and most of it had been cooled by the ocean, but in a couple places it was just oozing out of the earth. Grant got a bit sticky playing in the tar and it took some goo be gone to remove it from his skin when we got back to Jennifers. Then as you see in the first picture, they just bummed around in the hammock the rest of the afternoon, what a rough week they had!

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samsthree said...

fun EFY and I love the ocean pictures.