Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grant's EFY pictures

I know, I know. I'm almost two months behind with our family blog. I just overbooked us this summer, good and bad, but it has mostly just disappeared! So I'm trying to get summer pictures on, school starts in three weeks for us! There are a lot of pictures, not a lot of explaining or names at the moment. Don't feel like you have to check them all out. I upload everything so I can pick from what I want when I print our blog book. These are back from June 20-27. My week in California and Grant's EFY pictures.

Twani, Emily's mom, if you are reading this would you email me at carlintk@yahoo.com. I've gotten your comments, but your blog is private and I don't know how to reach you. Morgan would love to play, she was so excited when I told her. We just didn't know where you moved to.

As for Jennifer, thanks again for having us. It was just the best week of my summer, loved it.

Pictures Grant took at EFY. These first ones are the day we checked the boys in and walked around campus a bit. It's a beautiful campus right on the ocean.

I txted Grant everyday to say Hi and see how things were going and he only replied twice, yet it looks like it was a regular passtime.

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