Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Around and after Thanks Giving time

 Grandma had everything out the Sunday before Thanksgiving so that we could make Turkeys, the boys were at a preisthood fireside. Good times.  This is our one traditional food that we have at thanksgiving, little candy turkeys that sit by our plates. 

 Even though this is the family car, yes we have invested in a very bright BYU blue vehicle for the families use, we all call it Grant's car (everyone except Troy).  We picked it up the Saturday before thanksgiving and Grant was FINALLY excited to drive that he drove me too and from all of my errands that I had to do that day.  It's nice he is finally interested in driving himself places!  Soon he will be able to go it alone - don't fear there are a few more months before he turns in his learners permit.
 Ahhh, we arrive at Thanks Giving pictures.  Troy's sister and her family joined us for the festive holiday this year and we had a really great time with them.  The turkey came out nicer than expected and we had enough food to feed all 11 children!  Troy put on some oven mits and cook some very delicious polenta for us all - Troy does not cook and it turned out very yummy!

 I just have to post this beautiful picture of the front of our home that we are building. The framers have been working on the front porch and I'm just thrilled with how well the shape has come out.  So exciting.

 The relatives had bigger and better things to do and left us Friday, so we invited some friends over to eat more food!  A spread of odds and ends in the left over department.
 Saturday we pulled out the trailer and some gloves and picked out a live Christmas tree.  We haven't had one for a lot of years.  The 10' beauty was only 39.99 at Smiths market place - I thought live trees were a lot more than that.  The tree is beautiful and smells wonderful, it's really beginning to look like Christmas around our house.


Wendy said...

Love all the pictures. Your tree is darling and please keep updating the house pic's! So fun, love the lines.

samsthree said...

Fun times. Love that beautiful tree.