Friday, December 16, 2011

last week in review

Morgan had her orchastra concert a couple Wednesdays ago.  She looked great and played beautifully.  She has grown up so much this year.  She loves to wear jewelery and worries about her shoes, things she has never cared for.  Victors band concert was last Thursday and it was an insane day and I didn't get a picture of him.  Troy made it to the concert and said it was great.  This picture is Victor making dinner last week for some extra credit in CTE.

This is our awesome Orchard Jr. Jazz basketball team.  Troy ended up coaching Ethan's team this past fall.  We were lucky enough to have another dad who was in town every week Troy was out of town to help coach!  Or it would have been me and I don't know that would have been good for the boys.  They were awesome and fun to play with.

Austin came for a visit with his dad last week and he just hung out with Percy and loved him.  Too sweet.  Below is Morgans science fair project, testing the PH level of liquids.  Great fun, but glad it is done and turned in!

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samsthree said...

Morgan looks too grown up. Love the pic of Austin with the percy. He has told everyone about percy.