Monday, March 28, 2011

week in review

Ethan's last Jr. Jazz basket ball games. Two weeks ago he played against his good buddy Ethan.

The team with their treats after the last game. They had a great season!
Ethan also got his Wolf award last week, just in time for him to turn 9 and move on to Bears!
Grant had his basket ball dinner last night and recieved a really nice award from his coaches and coach Soter talked about how well Grant improved this year. Grant really wanted to do better as a defender and by working at it he definately did improve. Great year Grant! All Grant wanted for his birthday was a long board... and it finally came.

In Young Women last week the girls learned to do up-dos and here is Tanya's results. She was going to sleep sitting up so that she could wear it to school the next day, but we found a hair net and it stayed ok. She was up 30 minutes earlier than usual, 6 am, working on it and re curling it.


Rita and Bruce said...

Too many changes in my grandkids. Ethan is a super duper young man. He was riding in the car with me one day to pick up kids, and I told him to bring a book so he could get his 30 min. of reading in. He talked to me non stop and then informed me that talking is the same as reading and he had definitely done 30 min. of that.

Grant is our perfect "Oldest grandson" so of course, he can do no wrong, but please no broken bones on the long board.

Good luck with the flat iron Tanya, doing those fancy hair dos. She is a basketball and tract star too. We love you.

xoxox from the proudest of grandparents!!!!!!!!!!!

samsthree said...

Happy bday to you Ethan, belle loves your glasses. Wish we could have had some cake with you. Next time we will do an over the phone bday party. Miss grandma and papa sundays.

Love the hair tanya. You can practice on me when we visit.

Have fun on the board Grant.