Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Ethan!

My baby is 9 today! Ethan is my snuggler and sweetheart and I just can't believe he is growing up. He has been the peacemaker often during our adoption and likes to play with anyone of the kids (until he gets hurt), he even performs in the plays and musicals that Morgan writes and directs. He's tried soccer and baseball but never cared much for sports, other than running and riding his bike. So I didn't think much would come of basket ball this year, but he has loved it and wants to go to basket ball camp this summer. I'm so glad because I was afraid we'd have to try football next year, maybe we can just stick with basket ball. All he has wanted for his birthday this year is an I pod. With Troy being out of town last week and this week we didn't have much of a birthday party and we let him open his I pod before Troy left Sunday morning. We then had cake at Grandmas Sunday night. So today we had his nine year old check up and he and I went out for donuts. I forgot how much I enjoy just hanging out with my boy. He's just so happy, easy going and appreciative of everything (except cooked veggies). Happy Birthday Buddha Belly, Love you tons! Morgan made this blanket for him, Victor made the red braclet things he's wearing.


Rita and Bruce said...

It was a fun sunday eating cake for his birthday. Each piece was about 6 x 6! Happy bday Ethan.

Tiffany said...

Such a good boy! I love that all he wanted was an iPod! He's so good and sweet! Happy Birthday Ethan!

standfortruth said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Ethan. Lots of Love
The Hinksons

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!
Isn't if funny how we forget what it's like to spend a little one on one time with some of our children and how easy it is to hang out with them? Seems like my imported child demands so much of my time and attention that the others sort of get looked over? Yikes. I'm being negative and I meant to write a nice uplifting comment! Oh well. I know you understand.