Friday, October 7, 2011

Cross Country

 Wednesday Grant ran in the district cross country meet.  It was pouring freezing cold rain!  Grant did well, not his best time but placed 23rd which was one of his best.  Woods Cross took the first five places so they will be heading to state in two weeks.

 The making of the apple sauce.  I think Grandma Tingey was smiling down on me or laughing that I haven't gone out and bought an attachment to my kitchen aid!  This is her old contraption that I borrow from my mom every fall to make tomato soup and chilli sauce : )  So yummy.

 Thursday Tanya ran in the charter schools district cross country meet.  The past four races she has come in first running about 2 miles in 15 min.  (15 min 11 sec, fastest time)  Yesterday she came in second but ran the 2 miles in 13 min 42 sec!  She ran her heart out to keep up with the girl in front of her, I think if she had a bit more competition she would be a lot faster.  There just aren't that many kids on the charter school teams.  In fact our team usually can't qualify because they don't have enough girls run, but they still race, which has been good for Tanya - keeps her moving.  We keep telling Tanya she needs to go to the neighborhood high school next year and she would probably run faster, but it's pretty big and scary so she really wants to stay at the charter school. 

At both kids races I would tell the kids to cheer and Ethan would yell FASTER, Can't you go any FASTER!?  or You need to pass that kid, run a lot FASTER!  He was hilarious to listen to.  Grant finished and told him he needed to run 3.1 miles.
Awesome job to everyone!

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samsthree said...

Once again, congrats to the kids. Cheering you on from PA!