Thursday, October 27, 2011

Past week

 We had Grayce and Mason over yesterday, Grandma is babysitting them while their parents are in Hawaii.  The kids decided to put on a mixed up fairy tale play and these were a few shots captured by grant.

 The kids were out of school last Thursday and Friday for UEA.  Troy took the majority of the kids, all but one, up to Idaho.  Grant stayed home to work on some projects for school and practice basketball.  I was on some antibiotics a few weeks ago and it killed off my bacteria and the result was the fungus I had in Ukraine returned!  My mouth had been burning the last couple weeks, but last Wednesday it was the worst and I went into Instacare with the hope they could see my past records and give me my little funny pill (my dr. was out of town last week).  I'm doing much better, but it took a good ten days for the burning to stop last time, so I'm hopefully half way there!  But it was a nice, quiet weekend for the two of us.  We were productive and pulled up the garden and stained the playhouse.  Along with watching a movie, getting take out that we ate for two days, going on walks and hikes and I read an entire book (during those same hours Grant played online computer games).  Grant also had a boys night and I was sent to the basement to watch a chick flick. 

Troy sent a couple pictures on his phone of the kids at a pumpkin patch in Idaho, I haven't uploaded yet.  They all had a great time too.  They saw all their cousins up there, had some sleep overs and I heard the boys played video games for almost 24 hours!  They stayed with Grandma and Grandpa, who I hear are adding a studio onto the house for Grandma to paint in - very exciting, went to a corn maze and watched the BYU game with cousins.

 these are the plants they were planting over the pipeline that went in by our house this summer.  from a distances they looked like tombstones! we had to go check it out.

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samsthree said...

Sorry to hear about your mouth. That is one way not to eat. Hope it goes away soon. What a relaxing weekend.