Friday, April 6, 2012

Tuesday we loaded up and headed to CA

 Ok, spring break 2012.  Troy got home from work at 6, amazing and with the car packed and ready we headed for California.  We drove out I-80 West past the great salt lake and salt production.  We had never been this far west before.  Also view the salt flats and then entered Nevada.

 We stopped for gas in Carlin Nevada.  A friend had driven through Carlin during my college years and ever since I had wanted to see this town... back in the day was that I would take a sign with my name, good thing I've out grown that desire.  It was dusk as we pulled in... almost dark as we pulled out.  Nothing to exciting happened.

 Victor faked sleep to be in the sleeping in the car picture.  Around 1 am we told Ana, Tanya and Victor to turn off video players and game boys and to try and get some sleep.  We were just passing through Winemucca, NV.  We had read there would be rain on our trip but about an hour later we encountered snow.  Snow, snow and more snow.  2:45 we pulled into Laketown, grateful to see city lights and stayed at the freemont motel.  The plan of driving through (14 hrs) was no longer an option.  We got up at 7:30 for breakfast and Troy to take some calls and headed out at 8:30.  Weather saying rain again, but no, every summit and even heading back down into California we hit snow.  Here we are to tell the tale.  We heard at another gas station we were hitting the tail end of a big storm.  So we were grateful it was the end and not the beginning!

 The lovely home we rented for the trip, overlooking the Smith River just outside of Crescent City, CA.  Lots of rain and trees down, but we walked around and watched some movies to finish off our day. 

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samsthree said...

Fun trip, too bad you had the snow to contend with.