Friday, April 6, 2012

day 2 spring break, before lunch

 The next morning we got up to a little drizzle of rain. By the time we were finished with breakfast and Troy was off the phone the sun was coming out.  We decided to head over to walk the Stout Train in the Jedidiah Redwood National Park.  We crossed over to the other side of the Smith River, driving through the cool wooden bridge across from our house into the Redwoods.  They were amazing.  We walked the trail through these amazing giants.  This park is supposedly where the Ewok parts of Star Wars was filmed and there were a couple spots that the kids were pretty sure were in the movie.  The kids and Troy easily wrapped their arms around the first redwood right outside of our car.  The kids could reach half way around the biggest Redwood in Stout park at the end of our walk.  Pretty cool.  Then we headed home to lunch.

 The following picture is WHERE ARE THE KELLER KIDS?  Can you locate all 6?

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samsthree said...

That is amazing. I want to go there one day. I cannot believe the trees. Oh I could only find two of kids, I will have to look again when I have my glasses on.