Tuesday, April 17, 2012

bye bye CA, Hello ID

 heading out at 6:30 am. Bye bye very cool house on the Smith River.

 First break on our 10 hour drive to Idaho. Gap Camp Ranch, there are still a couple bunkers left where men who worked out here lived.

 As we headed North to Bend OR we thought we'd stop and see Crater Lake.  Ha ha, there was 8 feet of snow and the roads to the lake were closed.  Still made for a beautiful drive.

 Funny story:  We were starving and stopped in Bend, OR to get some lunch/dinner, it was 2:30ish and we thought Olde Towne Pizza sounded good.  So we wandered into the deserted pizza place.  Called over the counter, looked around back.  No one anywhere, but it said it was open and there was dough and sauce out behind the counter.  No one was in the restaurant, so we used the restrooms and still no one so we left.  We ended up eating some pretty good pizza at Abby's Legendary pizza.  They even had a game room and Ana found some quarters in one of the machines and got to play a game.  Troy dared Victor (for quarters) to eat a left over slice of pizza on an empty table.  He wanted to play a video game so bad he headed over there to get the pizza.  Troy or Grant pipped up and told Victor the man was just in the restroom.  Victor froze in his tracks looked at us and headed into the mens room to see!  As soon as he stepped inside Morgan ran over and ate the slice of pizza to get the quarters from dad and was heading to the game room as Victor was coming back to announce there wasn't anyone in the mens room...  comedy keller style.

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samsthree said...

don't know what to say about the left over pizza.