Saturday, June 9, 2012

april womens conference

 we paid and parked directly across from the Marriott Center, it worked out great for Thursday and Friday!  Suzie and I headed down the last weekend in April for womens conference at BYU.  We came back Thursday night, Aunt Tiffy was down with her cute kids, then stayed over Friday night at the Marriott.  It was fun, we went and saw my friend Becky and the new home she just built, so beautiful.  We ate out, went to the mall, watched a movie and slept in a little bit.

 Morgan needed another concert for orchestra so we went into temple square with friends and saw The Lamb of God in the Conference Center.  A couple of our neighbors were in it and it was so amazing and beautiful.  A stake put it on, but they did a wonderful job.  Stacy was incredible, I had never heard her sing with so much depth and power.  Georgeous.

 hanging out wiht Mason one day, he was showing me his new room in the basement and Grayces curtains!  Troy got tickets to one of the Jazz playoff games.  So fun to sit on the floor and watch them play!  He had six tickets for the box, but only 4 floor seats.  So we invited friends and Grant invited Walker, they hung out in the box all night.  Jazz lost, but we had a great time.

 Morgan is in a musical in May and they were talking about different dress styles so that Sunday at Grandma's we pulled out old dance dresses my mom had made for me in the 80's... fun to watch the girls parade around in them.  It was funny to see the cut coming back that is shorter in the front than the back...  I definately liked that High School.
 dress Tricia and Lesli wore as my brides maids at my wedding (above).  Below, pink is one of Tricias dresses and the black on I wore to Prom

 These were christmas dance dresses

this was a homecoming dress.  My mom sewed all of my dresses.  I would pick out the patterns and fabric and she would work miricles!  She alwas did an amazing job.  My first homecoming dress was pink and black and wore it all the time and just wore it out...  The kids got a kick out of the poofy sleeves.

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