Saturday, June 9, 2012

may baby nash

 May 10th? my sister had her baby boy.  I went up the next day to visit them, isn't he so beautiful.  Little swollen and jaundiced, but just darling.

 Grant bought me flowers for mothers day.  My sister played at the MS benifit in bountiful.  Grant and Morgan came and helped sell CDS.  She's playing at Bountiful Park Monday June 11th if anyone wants to come hear her. 

 Grant and Grandpa with baby Nash.  We went to lunch for my mom and Kathryns bday (they have the same bdays) my dad came to hold the baby.  There hasnt' been a new baby for 6 years and everyone is just crazy these days.  Can't get enough baby.  In fact Ana, Ethan and I are going out the end of June to see my brothers new little boy Aiden.  So exciting.  He was born the week before Tricia had Nash.  We don't have pictures of him because he lives in PA...

Cute Ana was a good sport and did marvelous with a day of Neuro testing.  We got to go up and have lunch with Troy at work during her hour break.  She called it our first mommy daughter date!  That was so cute and yet sort of sad that our mommy daughter date was a day of testing.  We are going to have to plan more... although we did get nails done the week before (I guess friends came with us).   

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