Saturday, June 9, 2012

May musical and reading

 Morgan was in a theatre production called Gone With the Breeze in May (with her acting class).  She was the screen writer, the show was about this producer putting together a movie.  She did wonderful and we had to get an ice cream opening night.  I helped back stage so it was fun to see her from the wings. 

Victor improved the most out of all the kids in his Read 180 class (ESL class) so he got to pick out 50$ of books from the district.  It was fun and he was so excited.  He complains the most about that class, mad he even has to take it, yet his teacher says he is one of the best students, helps her set up and helps the other kids...  I don't get it, but thrilled to hear he is well behaved in class.

 more musical, Grayce came and got to dance with the cast.

 Ana finally finisher her reading book she started in February.  She didn't like it because it was hard and so I asked what she would want to do if I bribed her to read it.  She wanted her nails painted.  So we went with our cute carpool girls and got nails painted when she finished her book. Yeah!

 Victor got a chance to dance with the cast also : )

 Ana and Ethans 4th grade Art show.  They did a great job!

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